Minecraft PE update for iOS 8 and iPhone 6

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 23, 2014

The next Minecraft Pocket Edition update will include improvements for both iOS 8 and iPhone 6. The insight arrived after a tweet yesterday by Tommaso Checchi, an official Minecraft PE developer, and we’ve embedded the tweet talking about support for iPhone 6/Plus.

It was the replies to the tweet above that revealed some insight into the plans for the next Minecraft PE update. After one fan asked if this would end iPhone 4 compatibility, the answer clearly explained the Minecraft PE update would help support iPhone 6 and not stop support on older models.

Minecraft PE update for iOS 8

Minecraft PE and Metal support in iOS 8 on iPhone 6 – there was a number of requests for Metal support in the next Minecraft PE update, and this is understandable seeing what this technology can do for games. The reply seen within another tweet below reveals this isn’t going to happen before the next download, although it can be added easier in the future thanks to “work on OpenGL 2.0”.

Do you have any requests for the next Minecraft PE update and especially if you’re using iOS 8/iPhone 6? Feel free to read and join in the debate surrounding Minecraft PE 0.10.0, its release date, and the desired features.

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  • Trevoradamson

    I want to win

  • teenstargatefan

    Redstone, and highest possible resolution for your device.
    People with better phones eg iphone 6 should get better graphics/effects/rendering, not just better frame rate.