LifeProof Nuud for best iPhone 6 waterproof case

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2014

You’d expect an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case to be bulky and take away the thin design created by Apple, but LifeProof want to change all that with the Nuud. There are already a few Waterproof iPhone 6 cases on the market, but it would seem some of you would rather wait until LifeProof unveil theirs.

Best waterproof case for iPhone 6 Plus and its smaller sibling – The LifeProof Nuud iPhone 6 Plus case, along with the 4.7-inch version will be waterproof and drop proof, and while we have yet to see its final design, there is a teaser video embedded for you below.

LifeProof Nuud waterproof iPhone 6 case

We cannot be sure just how good the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus waterproof cases that are already on the market are, but LifeProof believes it will have the edge on its rivals. Looking at the video, we tend to agree, but only based on the small glimpse we get of the upcoming case.

We have already seen a few tweets from people eager to get their hands on the new Nuud case for the iPhone 6, and seems as though they do not mind waiting until they have been released.

Have you got yourself a waterproof iPhone 6 case yet, if so what brand and how good is it?

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  • Chuck

    Please please !!! Come out soon, I can not find any good cases 🙁 I want a lifeproof case, had one for my iPhone 5s, loved it so much !!!! Please hurry !!

  • DeadoldSealmeat

    Why is it always such a Mystery today WHEN someone is going to release an item. The Mystery translates to we don’t have it yet and are rushing to design one. Why do most of the others all have a case? The first life-proof cases wrecked all my kids phones with the fingerprint reader piece of micro thin cellophane. They made it impossible to insure the case with there impossible send in tiny piece of paper, your credit card, your original receipt, you apple id your sim you mothers maiden name ssn etc a complete joke! The case is one of the best. But with the bending problem on the iPhone 6 plus and flex issues i would say they have a while to make one. it will have to make up for the weak iPhone 6 plus case that will bend and break the seal. If they can actually make a strong case that will keep it for bending then well worth the wait! Meanwhile i will be waiting for Catalyst! there a spin off and never had one fail yet. Always buy your carriers insurance on your iPhone, don’t give out all that info to a company today, with audits, you need an original receipts, with hackers you should never give a company all that info. I worked for the GOV. Trust me look at home Depot, Target you name it a tiny company like Life-proof will not hold your info secure! To much overheard in IT costs today.

    • dpunk3

      Phone doesn’t bend unless you pocket it like an idiot. Gtfo.

  • Jennifafa00

    I have a lifeproof case on m iPhone 5 right now. I love it. I recently discovered that you can choose to either have the protective screen FRE or the Nuud with no protective screen. I preordered my iPhone 6 plus and have an excepted ship date of 11/09-11/27. I’m nervous that lifeproof is only coming out with the NUUD for the 6 plus. The case I have right now has so many scratches on the screen, I’m afraid that without it my 6+ will suffer. I won’t be using my 6+ unless I have a lifeproof case on it, my guess is they’ll be launching them the same time everyone gets theirs, seeing how most everyone is still on back order.

    • Going Up

      1st World Problems.

    • Jenn, worry not. If you’re using a Lifeproof Fre on your iPhone now, that plastic film on top is so easily scratched, it’s not even funny. The iPhone 6/6 Plus both come come with an ION coated Gorilla Glass screen that is so hard to scratch, you’d need to use low grit sandpaper. MKBHD did a video test of the iPhone 6 front glass that was leaked before the official unveiling, he used a knife (stabbing and scratching) as well as keys on the glass and neither did anything.

      Glass is so much more scratch resistant than plastic, espcially that thin plastic on the FRE, so this new ION coated glass should be fine with a Nuud case. I also have a Nuud case on my iPad Mini and it’s phenomenal.

      Hope that helps.

      • Jennifafa00

        I didn’t know that, that was my main concern with the Nuud case. Very reassuring, thanks Mike.

      • jwvanderbeck

        Unfortunately the video you refer to was with a prototype Sapphire Glass screen, which is NOT what the iPhone 6 ended up having. I haven’t seen any tests with the actual screen, but then again i’ve never had screen scratch issues in the past so i’m not too worried.