LifeProof Nuud for best iPhone 6 waterproof case

You’d expect an iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus waterproof case to be bulky and take away the thin design created by Apple, but LifeProof want to change all that with the Nuud. There are already a few Waterproof iPhone 6 cases on the market, but it would seem some of you would rather wait until LifeProof unveil theirs.

Best waterproof case for iPhone 6 Plus and its smaller sibling – The LifeProof Nuud iPhone 6 Plus case, along with the 4.7-inch version will be waterproof and drop proof, and while we have yet to see its final design, there is a teaser video embedded for you below.

LifeProof Nuud waterproof iPhone 6 case

We cannot be sure just how good the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus waterproof cases that are already on the market are, but LifeProof believes it will have the edge on its rivals. Looking at the video, we tend to agree, but only based on the small glimpse we get of the upcoming case.

We have already seen a few tweets from people eager to get their hands on the new Nuud case for the iPhone 6, and seems as though they do not mind waiting until they have been released.

Have you got yourself a waterproof iPhone 6 case yet, if so what brand and how good is it?



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