FIFA 15 US price at GameStop vs Walmart, Best Buy

As you wake up today on the FIFA 15 US release date, you might be making a last minute trip to Best Buy, Walmart, GameStop, and other stores to purchase the game at the best price possible. If you are wondering what store has the best deal between those we just mentioned, then take a look below.

Those of you not worried about the Ultimate Team Edition will find the FIFA 15 $59.99 price at US GameStop as expected. This is the same for Xbox One, PC, PS4, and previous generation consoles. It’s good seeing the latest consoles not given a price hike with this game.


Walmart will only save you a few cents on the above FIFA 15 price and lists the same versions at $59.96. You can see a breakdown for prices on each platform on Walmart USA, and on that page you’ll also notice cheaper options on Nintendo 3DS and Vita.

It looks like Best Buy isn’t bothered about having a lower price for FIFA 15 than GameStop and Walmart. They also list the same $59.99 price for each of the major platforms, so if you’re not bothered about a few cents then just head to any of these stores knowing you’ll be paying the same across the board.

Have you seen a lower FIFA 15 price in the US when compared to the above stores? If so, leave a comment below.



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