Fake WhatsApp last seen time on Android

By Peter Chubb - Sep 23, 2014

Android is full of apps claiming to be something they are not, something we saw a lot of with BBM, Temple Run and also Boom Beach. However, there are ones that suggest they are fake within the title, but also serve a purpose, no matter how pointless they are.

WhatsFake Online App it not a fake WhatsApp, but rather something to allow you to manipulate your last seen time. This works in very much the same way as an alarm, but instead of waking you up, it wakes WhatApp up.

Fake WhatsApp last seen time app

By using WhatsFake Online you will allow the app to change the Lastseen timestamp to whatever time you desire. This could make it look like you are up and having a good time somewhere, when in fact you are sleeping.

Some people might try to use this to work in their favor, as it would trick people who thought you was working, as WhatsApp would show you online every so often.

You have the option to set Lastseen once, or allow it to activate WhatsApp every ten minutes.

Could you see yourself making use of this app?

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  • sachin

    Unfortunately this app has stopped on my phone.. .how to fix it