EGX 2014 countdown to games event date

- Sep 23, 2014

One of the biggest gaming events in the UK is Eurogamer, or now known as EGX. The 2014 games event will be taking place in London this week, and there’s a lot of hype around what news might be revealed at the UK’s biggest games show.

Normally, we wouldn’t see much in the way of breaking news and rather see a lot of hands-on time during EGX. We don’t expect 2014 to be any different, although this isn’t stopping some gamers hoping to hear Fallout 4 news even if this is highly unlikely.

Considering we are very close to EGX 2014, we’ve included a countdown below to let Product Reviews readers know exactly what time the games event will start and of course the date. This countdown will work no matter what time zone you are in, so bookmark this page or head over to for their version along with breaking news related to this event.

Are you going to EGX 2014 this week and if so, what games do you want to get hands-on with?

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