BlackBerry Passport launch event live stream

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 23, 2014

The BlackBerry Passport launch event is taking place on September 24th and there’s a live stream for all of those that cannot attend. The video coverage will be streaming the news as it arrives directly from Toronto, although events will also take place in Dubai and London as well.

If you can’t watch the BlackBerry Passport event live stream at, then don’t worry as there will also be videos uploaded afterwards on the official BlackBerry events website.


The start time for BlackBerry’s Passport event is 9am EST, or 2pm UK time, on Sept 24th as we mentioned above. All of the events will start simultaneously in each city, and the organizes ask that bloggers share the news with hashtag #BlackBerryPassport.

Are you looking forward to getting official BlackBerry Passport news tomorrow during the launch event? Share a comment below with what you are expecting from BlackBerry Passport tomorrow.

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  • Jenny Tailya

    Looking forward to a new start with this company. I’ve left (isheep) and now coming back. Yes this is not a GOD phone that claims to do it all like Apple iphone, the real truth is iphones are for 14 year old girls to tweet and Instagram photos of boyfriends. Apple people are dumb, the phones all look and act the same since iphone 1. (*without cut and paste!!) and apple make the same phone with a few icon and chips added and people (isheep) keep buying it over and over, I love how the new IOS8 Update basically makes your old phone slow as hell and since you cannot downgrade you are forced to by a new phone after a few year. Remember people, this phone will not have people sleeping outside stores only to walk in by a phone and realize after you been douped! This is a Business phone for core users or bb fans. The 10.3 software is years ahead of IOS. Why doesn’t anyone care about security and enterprise? Welcome Back Chen, great Job BB.