2 iPad Air Survivor cases from Griffin

Even though the iPad Air 2 unveil and release date are just around the corner, that means many owners of the current model will decide to sell them on. This is good news for third-party case makers, as they will then be able to target a whole new audience for the year-old iPad.

With the iPad Air being so thin there will be some consumers out there looking to toughen it up a bit, for whatever reason, and so we have located 2 iPad Air Survivor cases for you, which are made by Griffin.

The Mossy Oak iPad Air case is part of the Survivor range from Griffin, which we know has a great track record with their extensive choice of iPhone cases. This case has been engineered to take a beating and has been tested by the US Department of Defense to meet the 810F Standard.

For those of you who are worried about dirt, sand, rain, or shocks and vibrations affecting the ability of your iPad Air, then think again, as Mossy Oak protects it against all of these. You can find more details on the official Griffin website, such as its price, which is $89.99.

Survivor Mossy Oak case for iPad Air

If that model above has too much of an outdoors look and was hoping for something understated, then the Survivor All-Terrain case for the iPad Air could be it.

This case also comes with the same standard of protection, as well as a rigid internal frame, silicone cladding, and multi-postion workstand. Where it differs is with its design, as it does not have a camouflage finish, but rather a more understated black finish.

The price of Griffin’s Survivor All-Terrain cover for the iPad Air is $79.99, so $10 cheaper then the one above. You can find more details of this case here.



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