Facebook charge with monthly fee goes viral

- Sep 22, 2014

Over the weekend social networks started to mention Facebook is about to charge with a monthly fee, although this rumor soon received evidence in the contrary that revealed the websites users didn’t have to worry about paying for access.

It was interesting watching this story go viral over the weekend, especially the feedback people left in regard to having to pay a Facebook monthly fee. Obviously, the majority of people don’t think they should ever pay a charge to access the social network but others had ideas.

One Product Reviews reader mentions, “I would be happy to pay a monthly Facebook fee, as long as this charge meant I’d never see any ads on Facebook. I connect through my mobile mostly, and would rather pay a small amount each month than see ads”. Another added, “If Facebook started charging people a monthly fee in 2014, I’d be the first person to delete their account”.

Facebook monthly fee 2014

Did you fall for this fake story that went viral this past weekend? Would you ever consider paying to access Facebook?

We’d love to hear from our readers about paying to access social media websites like Facebook, especially if it meant no ads and maybe even a better service. Thanks to Online Social Media for the story.

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  • Fred Rupert

    The bank said the same thing about my “free” checking account.

  • Francis Jairam

    This rumor has to be false. When you go on Facebook to login it says “Its Free and always will be” so I highly doubt this is true. If Facebook does something like this they will get so much backlash and they loose their users.

    • Joe

      Francis, read the article it clearly states “fake story”. I guess you’re one of those that fell for it.