Destiny: Level up fast in different ways

Those of you playing Destiny and wanting to level up really fast in different ways have come to the right page. We’ve tracked down a few videos looking at leveling up quick with Destiny, and these can be seen within three videos below that take into account different methods.

The first video features 4 minutes of Destiny multiplayer gameplay and the video creator reveals how they level up fast. This footage has been viewed almost 60,000 times, so you might have seen it already.

Within the second video you’ll see the fastest way to get rare items in Destiny and also what the video author calls, “the fastest way to level up with a new spawn trap”. This won’t be to everyones taste and some methods could be classed as Destiny cheats by certain players.


Finally, the last video uses what’s called a “Glimmer Farming Method”. This also allows gamers to level up quickly, although we’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers on each of these methods after watching the videos below.

How do you level up fast in Destiny? Is it by using one of the methods revealed in the videos below, or do you have a better way?



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