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Amazon Kindle Voyage vs. Paperwhite upgrade review

With the release of yet another new Kindle e-reader just around the corner, you are no doubt looking hard at whether it would be worth updating your Paperwhite for the new Amazon Kindle Voyage? Even though the new model comes with some very interesting new features, the Paperwhite is still a great option, one that should not be passed over lightly.

Amazon now offers three Kindle options, such as the all-new budget Voyage. However, we are just looking at the latter two, seeing as though they are in a different leauge to that entry-level model, the Paperwhite, which has not been updated, and the premium Voyage model.

We have included a comparison chart below that looks at the differences in terms of specs and features between the Amazon Kindle Voyage and Paperwhite, although the 2014 Kindle has been thrown in for good measure as well.

Amazon Kindle Voyage vs. Paperwhite specs

Pocket-lint has decided to do a comparison review on the two e-readers to shed light on those differences. They have studied many of the most important aspects of these devices, such as their screens, size and weight, connectivity, storage, battery, reading, and have then come up with their own conclusion.

While we do not wish to spoil anything, the Kindle Voyage is the ultimate e-reader because it is thin, light and has a very high resolution. However, the Paperwhite is still a great option, and even though it lags in terms of features compared to its newer sibling, its cheaper price still makes it an attractive option.



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