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Candy Crush Saga 1.38.1 update on iOS, Android

Nearly two weeks ago we highlighted problems with the Candy Crush Saga app and at the time the issues included a Facebook connect error. Since the reports of failed connections within the Candy Crush Saga Android and iPhone app, we now see there’s been another update taking both platforms to version 1.38.1.

Google play saw the Candy Crush Saga update first a couple of days ago and then iTunes just yesterday. Both the version numbers listed are identical at 1.38.1, although we wondered if the previously reported problems had been fixed?

Taking a look at the comments below our previous article reveals this might not be the case. One Product Reviews reader stated, “I went ahead and joined Facebook to stop the connection errors and since lost all my progress. This is upsetting considering I was at Level 371”. Another added, “I have had nothing but problems on iOS 8 with Candy Crush Saga and also need to know how to get my progress back”.


The latest update release notes states it takes players to “Crunchy Courtyard” with a new episode. This means you’ll now have another 15 levels to complete, which takes the total levels to 680 on both Android and iOS.

Are you still having problems since updating to Candy Crush Saga 1.38.1 and if so, what platform are you on? If everything is working fine for you, let us know what you think about the new update and levels?



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