Tesla Model S software update version 6.0 live

By Peter Chubb - Sep 20, 2014

The new Tesla Model S software version 6.0 is now live and ready to be downloaded to your vehicle as an OTA update, but if yours has yet to download, then please be patient, it will very soon. It’s great when you know new features are being added to a car, as it feels like you are getting a refreshed model without the need to spend any money.

Tesla says that this latest Model S update helps to make its electric vehicle smarter thanks to a host of new features, one of which now offers the chance to apply individual preferences.

Tesla Model S software update 6.0 enables new features

One feature that will no doubt come in handy for many Model S owners is the addition of hill start assist, although the energy saving sleep mode will be of a great benefit because it helps to conserve more of that precious battery life. You can even start the car by using an iPhone, which you can see in the second video below.

The list of new features in the Tesla Model S firmware 6 is extensive and so we ask that you head over to the Tesla Motors press page where you will find the entire release notes, or watch the two videos below. One thing we can tell you, this update will make for a far better driver experience.

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  • Can’t wait until SDK is released and we start getting 3rd party apps