Snapchat not working for some iOS 8 users

- Sep 20, 2014

The Snapchat app is not working for some iOS 8 users after installing the latest update within the last week. Even though there’s been an update to the iPhone app on iTunes, we are still hearing about a range of problems that include video going really slow within the latest Apple mobile operating system.

Snapchat has updated their app to support sharing photos from gallery within iOS 8, also bringing improved chat and more within version 7.0.7 just a couple of days ago. The fact is, these improvements are welcomed but users are still reporting other Snapchat bugs that need fixing with another update for iOS 8.


Have you upgraded to iOS 8 and use Snapchat? If so, is the app not working correctly for you or are you problem-free?

The tweets above reveal problems using Snapchat in iOS 8, although we’d love to hear from Product Reviews readers as well. How is snapchat for you on an iPhone running iOS 8? If it’s not working right, let us know the iPhone model and more about the issues.

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  • Heroic Legend

    Lagging terribly! Damn it Apple.

  • Emma Wharton

    My snapchat won’t work I have full wifi and everything and I’m on ios 8 first it started with I couldn’t take photos nor see any ones then one day it just kicked me out and won’t let me back in

  • Sandra

    Ios8 made snapchat videos slow & I can’t see anyone’s story 😩👿