Retail Games with Gold desired for October 2014

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 20, 2014

We have been patient Microsoft, but now it’s time to deliver those retail Games with Gold for October 2014. The indie titles have been great, although we’ve had enough of them and fancy something a little different with a full retail game included in next months lineup for Xbox One and Xbox 360.

This is the message we are hearing loud and clear from Product Reviews readers. They need a “full retail game” included with their October 2014 Games with Gold list, although exactly what some people mean by that might differ between subscribers.

Retail Games with Gold desired

After pointing out the obvious need for Xbox Games with Gold improvements in October, we received a lot of feedback and some people even named their ideal titles. Games mentioned included Bulletstorm, Red Dead Redemption, Payday 2, Fallout 3, Borderlands 2, and a Silent Hill title.


Some of the games mentioned will be too much at this time, especially newer AAA Xbox One titles. With that said, it is time to bring something special and this will go a long way to set Microsoft apart from Sony’s free game offering each month with PS Plus.

What would be your ideal retail title wish list for Games with Gold in October 2014? Leave the titles you’d love to see below, other than indie of course.

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  • kevin

    GTA 5 Would be nice

  • slim

    Idiots they are asking ABOUT XBOX ONE…GIVE US FORZA 5

    • Phillip Munroe

      they did that for free for a weekend only about 3 weeks ago shame it was only a rental

  • Austin Burras

    resident evil 4 remaster edition is what I want

  • Asuma (Edo Tensei)

    it’d be nice to get the 2nd and 3rd games of the Ezio Trilogy. I’ve been broke when they’ve been on sale and i don’t want to get a hard copy 😛

  • mj

    Since the launch of GwG in June of 2013, Xbox 360 has received 16 full retail games, and 16 arcade games, and bonus Dead Rising case zero. 16 months…16 retail…17 arcade games…dont know what this article was even talking about?!?!?

    The 360 has received plenty of full retail games since inception, this month was Halo Reach, August was Dishonored, July was Street Fighter 4, June was Dark Souls, May was Saints Row, April was Hitman Absolution, March was Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution, February was Dead Island, January Sleeping Dogs, December Gears, November was the last time we got 2 arcade titles and no full retail…HOWEVER in August we got 2 full retail games and no arcade (Crackdown and Dead Rising 2, and bonus deadrising case zero). Tell me that isn’t a hell of a lineup of games?

    And on the Xbox One…what retail games do you think they would give, nothing EA because of Access, they won’t give you a game that will undercut a new games release (Forza 4), and PS4 has released 0…count em ZERO retail games too.

    Article…proven pointless. Next time do some research.

  • Tyson Dodge

    Batman: Arkham City
    South Park: Stick of Truth

  • Professor Oak

    Hoping for Forza Horizon, as it is the only 360 Forza On Demand

  • BHS10SClark

    Saints row 4 xbox 360

    • Professor Oak

      Doubtful, They gave us Saints Row 3

  • Warren elding

    Trouble is most x1 retail games are still selling to new players so ms would be shooting themselves in the foot if they gave one of these away now.
    However all games that have been sugested for the 360 have already been given away on the ps3 via ps+ so games with gold needs to play catch up

  • michael lysandrou

    payday 2 or medal of honor or LA noire or GTA IV or any forza/need for speed

  • lygamnt

    Surprise release of Goat Simulator for Xbox One

  • rob

    Me personally I really don’t care. Most of the games either PS or Xbox offer turn out to be something my 3 kids will play. I enjoy the discounts better than the free games. Don’t get me wrong, they have dropped some games I play.

  • Ruben

    I’m grateful that we are even getting free games. Beggers can’t be choosers so be happy with what you’re getting.
    I look forward to the different variety of games being given to us.

    • Paul

      Except they aren’t “free” as they cost £10 a month.

      • You’re an idiot

        Bro its more like £3 a month..£32 a year

  • Against popular opinion, I thought Monaco
    had a decent story, but the game was butt-ugly.
    I felt like I was being forced to like it because of
    the high ratings. Pixilated and 8-bit games are
    really wearing out their welcome. There are great
    indie games out there that really should be getting
    some console exposure. Tons of Greenlight Project
    games on Steam are leaps and bounds better than
    the run-of-the-mill throwback games. Hell, most walking
    simulators smash on these console indie games. It’s
    good to see some of them are coming over to new consoles
    like Slender and Outlast. Now Shovel Knight was a good 8-bit game.
    I would like to see Costume Quest for the October “Arcade” fee game.

  • Dreamer4LIfe

    Red Dead Redemption or Far Cry 3 would be nice.

  • kenlucas

    skyrim please microsoft

    • Professor Oak

      Microsoft: “You want Oblivion! Got it!”

  • qwdas

    van a regalar el BORDENLAND 1 se los aseguro

  • TjTjTjTj

    Ninja plus or schizoid is would be about a million times better than the garbage games that’ve have been pumped out lately reach was alright but what’s next Burger King games? Tetris? These games aren’t “free” there 10 bucks a month

  • Leah Archer

    I realize it’s an indie title but I’d love to see Wolf Among Us for 360 (And I’m talking full game not just the first episode)

  • CoD Master

    I want L.A Noire!

  • Glenn

    For xbox 360 some tytles that have been out for a while Forza Horizon, Call of duty black ops 2, battlefield bad company 3 or 4, blazing angles 2, dark siders, Pinball hall of fame collections

  • XxBevy MetalxX

    Gears of War 3, Mass Effect 3, Pure, Full Auto, Soul Calibur. These games we’re a big deal when they were released but are now out shadowed by newer games, so why not.

  • RaggedyMan

    Far Cry 3 Maybe?

  • José Galdino Kohler

    I am guessing that Alpha Protocol is one of the games for the next month. This game appeared quietly and suddenly, in the same way Dark Souls appeared at the Brazilian Live Marketplace for the 360.

  • Matthew Coates

    Dead island riptide id love for the 360 or even the walking dead survival instinct would be great as well

    • Professor Oak

      Would rather not get another Dead Island game.

  • George

    They should give Xbox One one or two of the halos. Think of it as a giant demo before master chief collection.

  • Shaun4225

    Ok so let me join in on this and just say, what do you expect XBOX One Gamers -_- THERES NOTHNG TO GIVE OUT!! If they give out ryse it’ll be bad news for 360 gamers who hate the Xbox One (like myself) and they’ll want a NEW game for free -_- And for those of you who want minecraft I say “what the f, they give minecraft to those who bought it on the 360” That’s all im gonna say.

    • rithik

      Ur probabaly the stupidest person ever if we do get red dead redemption then y should xbox 360 gamers get a new game too. You guys have gotten enough good games so just shut up

  • phantom

    I will be happy with whatever microsoft picks for games with gold. Even if I already have the games. I think its good that they put an indie game up now and then. all Noobs quit your bitching and just be grateful for the games that are given. Quit whining that your not getting the games that your mommy and daddy wouldnt get you. get an effn job and purchases these games on your own. also step up and quit playing casual! turn up the difficulty on games that youve “mastered” or under appreciated.

    • ?????

      Exactly and well said.

    • Jonathan McGowan

      Speaking from an adult who is probably older than you, yes most of these games suck. I will complain if I want to and these people have a right to without your psychic Ms Cleo B.S. about everyone living in their parent’s basement. There are no basements out here on the coast. Yes I will complain when they advertise 2 free games a month and most of these indie ones have worn out their welcome. Kind of like your mouth. So if you don’t like the freedom of speech in America to express one’s opinions, go move to the Middle East. I hear they don’t care for other opinions, loser.

      • John J. McCalister Jr.

        Ouch! my opinion differs slightly from yours but I do like how you worded your reply to the prior comment. I dont like the fact that so many people just assume that everyone else is a kid living off of their parents. IMO, if someone is complaining about what they are not getting then they are most likely someone that works hard for their money, just as I do and I would assume you do as well. However, I look at what we used to get 2, 3 4 years ago with our Gold subscription and I dont remember getting free games (except for FTP titles) So, with that being said, I like that there is a program in place that gives us more with our Gold subscriptions, without raising the price. I feel like too many people forget that MS is not obligated to give us anything and a free game is a free game. Full retail XB1 titles are still selling for full retail price and expecting them to be given away within a year of their release is asking a lot at this point.

  • Dragonhuk

    Ha I remember that tweet, awesome its been included on here

    but yeah Ryse or Zoo Tycoon

  • sonofdark18 .

    Alice madness returns please.

    • Now that’s the best call I’ve seen on here yet.

      • sonofdark18 .

        I havent downloaded a game from microsoft for free since saints row 3. I would actually like to download a free game that I ACTUALLY WANT TO PLAY.

  • Ethan

    Pls red dead redemption

  • Robin

    The only games that have a chance of being a game with gold is red dead redemption and bullet storm maybe a silent hill game the rest are too popular and Microsoft knows that people are still willing to buy them.

  • Matthew Haase

    I want Batman Arkham Asylum or Batman Arkham City or even Batman Arkham origins

    • CNTheBlueJay

      Those are 360 games. And Im surprised one hasnt been given out already. Such great games, cant wait for Knight

    • Matthew Coates

      Yeah orgins would be good

  • FedUp #UsingSteam

    I’m also angry how microsoft keeps giving away a game for two months so that they don’t need to give away another game. Also, I’m a little tired of microsoft studio releases.

  • Gamer

    How awesome would it be if Xbox could put alter beast.

  • Antonio D.

    Whats with the shooting games? I’m sure we all have plenty of those -_-. Can ms at least release another fighting game or something adventurous?

    • CoD Master

      No hell no, Shooters are great.

  • mike androw

    I would get skate 3 if it was free, and/or left for dead 2

  • Colin

    It be nice to see Payday 1 or 2. But I doubt it’ll happen.

    • CoD Master

      Payday 1 didn’t got released on Xbox 360, it launched only in PS3 and PC via steam, and Payday 2 is so boring and it comes from me who got it from PS Plus last May.

  • Dan

    I do think Microsofts best option until the One library expands is to put effort into pushing 360 titles for games with gold. Nothing with multiplayer access is logical since support for those games is/has waned. How about push over some of the better 360 gwg? Hitman, Assassins Creed 2, Sleeping Dogs, any of them really. Or maybe keep some classics alive into the next gen, I’d love to see Skyrim pop up until ESO can get figured out. Or Tales of Vesperia and other more obscure titles? Indie is great and it’s great there’s support from the big companies to the indie devs, but there are much better decisions that would certainly upsell the One as a console.

    • mj

      Hitman, AC2, Sleeping Dogs are all 3rd party titles. MS CAN NOT port them over to Xbox One.

      Also, do you have any idea how hard it is to port over a title from one system to the other, its not some simple thing to do otherwise wouldnt you think that EVERY studio would be doing it now with their 360/ps3 titles? Like “hey, heres an easy way to make $50 million dollars, lets port over gta 3, VC, SA, 4/ bioshock 1, 2, 3/ assassins creed 1 2 3 etc”.

      And btw, Sleeping Dogs is coming out on next gen platforms….

      • Joe

        That’s why I’m glad I have a PC, all my games are on one system.

      • zack

        Many of the games that have come out are third party. Dead island. Assassins creed just to name a few

        • mj

          Yes…360 games on 360…but this article and the countless posters on here are throwing out names of 360 games to be on the One…which is impossible. The games would have to be ported, who’s going to do that? MS has no right to do it so it would be the studio…and theyll do it for free? Yeah right. Go through the list of games available for the Xbox One, remove all games made by EA because they will not offer games for free when they have EA Access. Remove all sports and COD Ghosts because never has MS released a sports game and the backlash, outside of a non-yearly title, would be insane…no one wants Madden 25, NBA 2k14/NBA Live 14, when a new game just dropped and, much like the sports games, COD is a yearly title and doens’t hold its following once the new one drops. And its highly unlikely they will release a game like Forza when a new Forza is coming out, why give someone Forza 4 for free when they might have bought Horizon 2 and basically filled their need for a racing game, true fans will buy FH2 but there are a lot of people who are on the fence and if you give them a free forza game they wont buy the new one.

          So basically youre left with about 20 or so games that are realistically available and not one of the ones mentioned in this article apply (360 titles) nor those names people throw out (again, 360 titles). If people want to suggest 360 games for the 360, then yes, these all work, but the article doesn’t diffientiate between the two and even posts a tweet of someone talking about games on the Xbox One, which all they truly have to offer are “indie” or as they should be called, Arcade, games. But then again that what the PS4 has received too. And the 360 has received plenty of full retail games since inception, this month was Halo Reach, August was Dishonored, July was Street Fighter 4, June was Dark Souls, May was Saints Row, April was Hitman Absolution, March was Sid Meiers Civilization Revolution, February was Dead Island, January Sleeping Dogs, December Gears, November was the last time we got 2 arcade titles and no full retail…HOWEVER in August we got 2 full retail games and no arcade (Crackdown and Dead Rising 2, and bonus deadrising case zero).

          Since the launch of GwG in June of 2013, Xbox 360 has received 16 full retail games, and 16 arcade games, and bonus Dead Rising case zero. 16 months…16 retail…17 arcade games…dont know what this article was even talking about?!?!?

    • Tales of Vesperia is an excellent call.
      These are games that many people have
      overlooked and should have the chance
      to reach out to new audiences. I think a lot
      of people would get into the JRPG role-playing
      games if they actually had some good hands-on
      time. I like indie games, but the pixel and 8-bit
      formulas have really worn out their welcome.

  • Jordan Zirojevich

    PayDay 2 and Red Dead Redemption PLEASE

  • Steven Joynson

    They’re not going to put retail xbox 360 games on games with gold for the xbox One.

  • mj

    Not one of those games you mention are on Xbox one. Secondly, all of the are more than 2 years old and people bitched when ms dropped some older, yet great, titles for free. Now they’ve been giving away new titles, arcade as they may be, and you all want AAA titles…yet old ones like red dead and a silent Hill…make up your mind. How about this, for Xbox one release assassin’s Creed bf and one of the Lego games. And people need to think when they throw out names, bf4 and peggle 2 won’t be free since they are already for ea access. And never has ms released a game to tie in with a new game coming out so these ideas that forza will drop because of forza horizon or cod because of the new cod won’t happen and actually makes no sense because a lot of people will get their forza or cod fix with the free title and not buy the new one.

  • bob

    I would like any of the Batman Arkham games

  • dudesgotagun

    All I’d like to see is a game worth playing, it doesn’t have to be expensive but games with gold has been useless to me because all of the Xbox one games with gold have been garbage. I mean, a dragon riding game on rails? Whose idea was that?

    • Mark Shreve

      look up panzer dragoon for the sega saturn…. I loved that game… almost 20 years ago.

      • Josh Abrams

        they also had Panzer Dragoon Orta on the original xbox both were epic

        • mj

          Dreamcast as well

  • Branden

    Loving the idea of a Silent Hill game and RDR. Please Microsoft.

    • Guest

      It’ll probably be Resident Evil 5 or (god forbid) Operation Raccoon City. I would LOVE to see a Silent Hill game though.