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FIFA 15 Android app live with tablet graphics

It has taken a few days, but it finally seems like EA Sports has got its act together and now made the FIFA 15 Ultimate Team app more widely available, as it had been released earlier in the week on iTunes for iOS user, albeit for those in Canada. However, the FIFA 15 Android app is live complete with superb tablet graphics.

Even though there has been a great deal of hype surrounding the launch of the FIFA 15 web app, the Ultimate Team game for Android and iOS devices has got mobile gamers excited. The reason for this is how there are more than 10,000 players from 500 soccer/football teams.

FIFA 15 Android app live

That is not all, also included are 30 real leagues, along with their stadiums. The description on Google Play says that this game has superb graphics, and so you will need to make certain you have a decent Android tablet that is up to the task of showing those graphics off.

There have already been several FIFA 15 Ultimate Team reviews, which are a mixed bunch really. Some users have said that EA Sports has made some real progress with the new version of the game; such as improved passing and much smother controls.

While others say the graphics seem the same as FIFA 14, as well as the detail of the faces. Some players have complained of early problems, such as having no D-pad, as well as losing connection a few times with the server.

No doubt EA will already be looking into these issues and rushing out a quick fix.

What do you think of FIFA 15 UT for Android?



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