Destiny and COD server problems, DDoS takes down

- Sep 20, 2014

Destiny and Call of Duty server problems right now are being felt around the globe. This isn’t planned maintenance, instead we are hearing the Destiny and COD servers are not working thanks to a DDoS attack. They were taken down today by the well known Lizard Squad.

You might remember the Lizard Squad Twitter account seemed to close down a few weeks ago, although it is certainly back now and taking certain services offline once again. Within the last hour we’ve seen PSN go down, and now we are seeing Destiny and COD servers running into problems.

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The tweets above highlight that it’s almost certainly Lizard Squad responsible for taking both Destiny and Call of Duty down today. We first heard the online services were not working around 30 minutes ago.

Have you had problems getting in online games with either Destiny or Call of Duty? Did you notice both Xbox Live and PSN going down today as well?

If the Destiny servers are still not available for you, or COD, PSN, or Xbox Live then leave a comment below.

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  • Robert Gregory

    Wow, I only have 3 hours to play and nothing!!! Wonder if we can get a lawsuit going???

  • Don’t believe this

    This is a cover up Bungee is throwing out to get attention off of the fact that tens of thousands of customers have been experiencing a myriad of problems since the latest patch. All the forums are jammed with people posting about how broken this game is. Bungee is going out of their way to blame the end user, isps, and now hackers for the fraud that is bring perpetrated. The article even says their twitter was down but is magically back with taking responsibility for what’s going on with destiny. Bungie when will you give us an answer? Why is misinformation being passed around? Where is the accountability?

  • DDoS Attacks = Terrorism

    When will the CIA etc take this financial terrorism seriously?
    Clearly, it could be that they are just practising on game servers, and hope to move on to major infrastructure systems. If a few key personnel can be taken out, I am sure these terrorists can be stopped. Remember, these attacks are effectively on US soil, unlike the actions of ISIL…and Obama does nothing. The US is really that much of a joke internationally now, that even Lizard Squad laugh at them. I don’t see any attacks on Russian companies…because the terrorists know how that would end.
    The Lizard Squad are costing the World economy millions. I would have thought this is terrorism that can and should be taken far more seriously. And if all the might of the US military cannot locate these guys, then what chance does the US have against another State conducting these attacks on the US?
    What are the guys that pinged Osama doing right now? I think we have a new mission for them. These guys deserve either Gitmo or that big Server Room in the sky.

  • Ellie Woolner

    Xbox360 Destiny. I wait for the game to load…. Sometimes I get in, most times I can’t but when I do I’m only playing for 2-5 minutes then I’m kicked of the server leaving a message about connection problems, contacting the Bungie website and something about a centipede??? This bug really needs to be fix, hopefully this updates soon! 🙁

  • gravithon

    I could get on Mars,5 minutes ago, 2 minutes after i got on the planet i get the message that it can’t contact server, 30 secs after the message, the game is back again. Yesterday had the same problem all day long. PS3

  • mnwmndchld

    Still down, my two brothers from my fireteam are having issues also, PS4

  • stevo

    Im on x1

  • stevo

    Tampa, Fl. Cant get online still.

  • Sleek

    still having issues

  • thegr8mr

    Still down