Destiny and COD server problems, DDoS takes down

- Sep 20, 2014

Destiny and Call of Duty server problems right now are being felt around the globe. This isn’t planned maintenance, instead we are hearing the Destiny and COD servers are not working thanks to a DDoS attack. They were taken down today by the well known Lizard Squad.

You might remember the Lizard Squad Twitter account seemed to close down a few weeks ago, although it is certainly back now and taking certain services offline once again. Within the last hour we’ve seen PSN go down, and now we are seeing Destiny and COD servers running into problems.

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The tweets above highlight that it’s almost certainly Lizard Squad responsible for taking both Destiny and Call of Duty down today. We first heard the online services were not working around 30 minutes ago.

Have you had problems getting in online games with either Destiny or Call of Duty? Did you notice both Xbox Live and PSN going down today as well?

If the Destiny servers are still not available for you, or COD, PSN, or Xbox Live then leave a comment below.

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