Xbox 360 converted to CCTV in Kickstarter project

We do love a good Kickstarter, even if they do not look as though they will reach their goal. However, it is good to share a product that we feel deserves a fighting chance, such as the Homevue HD Video Surveillance System that works in conjunction with your for Xbox 360 and One.

Homevue will be very simple to set up, which you can see in the video below, as it is plug and play. Once you have set the system up your Xbox game console will then become your very own CCTV control center, although you will need to add some cameras around the home first.

Xbox 360 converted to CCTV

The quality of the video footage is crisp thanks to HD video, which is made available to you via the Cloud. The cost of the system is $199, although this is a starting price. There’s an option for you to pay $49 per year, which allows you to record a weeks worth of video footage that will be stored on the Cloud.

The Kickstarter campaign has only raised $6,262 from 47 backers. This is a long way off its goal of $180,000, which has to be reached by Monday, October the 16th, 2014.

Do you think this is a project you would like to invest in, if not please explain why?



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