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Turn off Apple Continuity, Handoff in iOS 8

Since people have updated to iOS 8 we have seen a growing number of people asking how to turn off Apple Continuity in iOS 8, and we understand why that is. Since the update when my wife starts to write a text on her iPad it also comes up on my iPhone.

The reason for this is because we share the same iCloud account, which is a bit of an issue. However, seeing as though she has no need for such a feature there is a way around this problem, which means that you have to change Handoff settings.

Turn off Apple Continuity

What you need to do to disbale Apple Continuity is to go to General, then Handoff and Suggested apps. Once there you just have to simply switch off Handoff if you do not wish to start something, only for it to instantly pick up on any of your other devices sharing the same iCloud account.

I have changed this setting now and all is working fine, although just remember that if you ever restore any of your iOS devices, then chances are those settings will turn themselves back on as default. If you are running a preview version of Yosemite, then you will need to make certain that you got to System preferences, General, then un-tick allow handoff at the bottom if you do not wish that particular Mac to make use of this feature.

We have also heard reports that some people are receiving calls on both their iPad and iPhone, and so you will need to go to FaceTime and turn off iPhone Cellular calls.

Have you had any of these issues, and were you able to resolve them?



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