Tinder app not working since iOS 8 update

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 19, 2014

The Tinder app is not working correctly for some people after installing Apple’s iOS 8 update. This is what we’ve heard this week after iOS 8 released to public, with a variety of Tinder iPhone app problems ranging from it not loading or giving a message “There’s no one new around you”.

Our readers report these problems weren’t there before updating to iOS 8 on their iPhone 5S, 5, and 4S in some cases. We have included a few tweets talking about Tinder app problems within iOS 8 below, and this will quickly reveal to others that they’re not alone. Other problems include Tinder crashing in iOS 8, the new OS deleting all Tinder matches, and the app going down since updating.


Has the Tinder app stopped working for you since downloading iOS 8? If the app isn’t working, then what issues do you now have? Of course, we hope there’s a few users without any problems and would love to hear from those running the iOS 8 update with all features working as the should.

We tried to test the Tinder app before writing this article on an iPhone 6 Plus, obviously running iOS 8, but when we tried to connect with Tinder it displayed a server error and we couldn’t log in.

The biggest problem seems to be related to finding people around you and one Product Reviews reader had this to say, “Everyone is 100 miles away since I loaded the iOS 8 update”. Another added, “I have the same issue in the UK since loading iOS 8”. Leave your comments below if you’ve installed Apple’s latest operating system.

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  • Tina

    Damn, my iPhone 5 and tinder are NOT matched! Tinder re-logs me into Facebook every time, notifies me of a match that disappears, doesn’t send messages or receive unless i delete it and reinstall it. Incredibly bugging and a bad dating vibe! connect to server, distances, etc. all true. Miserable. 🙁

  • Nikki

    I have iPhone 5s. my tinder app froze last week so I deleted the app. now I can’t log in anymore when trying to reinstall it. have tried everything from deleting the apps completely to restoring the phone to its original store settings…I cannot get by the verification stage. once you type in the number and press request verification it instantly blinks “whoops, an error occurred..”
    I received a brand new phone from iPhone yesterday, purchased a new SIM card and downloaded everything from scratch. the tinder app still has the same problem.
    tinder’s customer service team is a joke!!
    they’re useless. they do not reply to the complaints or offer any help whatsoever. don’t wast your time even trying.
    the tinder app developers should be ashamed. to think they want people to eventually pay for an app where there’s no customer service!

  • Divine Interjection

    Im having the same “cant connect to server” error message as well. But it didnt happen right after the update…..but few days later maybw

  • Jeff

    Go to settings click on tinder app update contacts . This made the tinder app speak to facebook again and work.

  • Ina

    I hate this I just about to give my phone number to my date on Valentine’s Day. Now I cant. Damn you update.

  • Rockefeler

    i think i have the same problem on Alcatel One Touch Idol 6030x ..i cant see my msg or something else…how can i fix this problem??

  • Brandon

    I fixed my Tinder app on my iPhone 6. Easy fix. Just go into your settings for Facebook. Where it says which apps are allowed access, turn off Tinder and then turn it back on. That fixed the problem for me.

    • James

      Except when I go in there, there is no tinder app to turn off and on

  • Jester the Slacker

    Good luck getting help from Tinder. I’ve been telling them I’ve been unable to log in for the past 3 months and all they do is send me a copy-paste answer that doesn’t actually help and ignore all subsequent communication.

    • J_Temperance

      Sucks to be you dude. You’ll have to go back to trickin’ to get some play.

  • madeleine

    I can’t get it to work, it will just log in to facebook and leave the app hanging.. when i go back to tinder it will tell me to log in to fb again and nothing works. i’ve tried deleting it and loading it again and shutting the phone off before and after deleting tinder and downloading it again.. really starting to feel like throwing the phone through the wall…

    • Lissa Van de Voorde

      is it now working? because I have the same problem and can’t get it fixed

  • Lucy

    I re-joined facebook just so I could be on Tinder. I approve that Facebook has access to my information, but’s stuck at the SMS verification screen and keeps telling me “an error occurred while requesting a token for SMS verification. Please try again.” I’ve tried 20 times with no luck! I hope they fix something soon.

    • Jojo

      Same problem here…

    • ally

      same problem here((((

    • Botta

      I’ve got the same problem, after some days past to search a solution, I’ve find it:

      -the phone number used have to be the same that joigned to your Facebook account (you have to placed it on your Facebook account)

      -for the sms : some operators block commercial sms, you have to call them to allow these Sms or use a number from another operator.

      In my case and a lot or friends, it works.

  • Lulu

    It’s not working and now I’ll have to physically go outside and socialise.. What is life!

  • deeare

    I deleted it; now it won’t send the sms for verification

  • Antonio

    Im trying to log on, but the SMS they send to check identity come up blank, someone had this problem?

  • Jess

    Updated my iOS software over 2 weeks ago and as of today the latest version of tinder crashes upon opening. (iPhone 5)

  • some..1

    same problem on ios 7+8 (iphone 5),
    delete via itunes, reinstall via appstore on the iphone, login.
    worked for me on ios 8.
    have fun 😉

  • Moon

    It crashed and I didn’t even update the new IOS
    I have an iPhone 5S

  • Mark

    When I click on the Tinder app it opens and instantly closes. It began when I bought my IPhone 6 with IOS 8 on it.

  • Dave

    I did not update to IOS 8 and Tinder is not working since they came up with the IOS 8, im using Iphone 4S

  • Eximio

    Tinder crashed. Now I have lost the love of my life. I have longer reason to continue living.

  • Paul Myers

    It doesn’t work on iOS7 either – for almost a week! That’s why apps like BootyShake are receiving a big boost in Tinder emigres.

  • Rachel

    Tinder won’t even open since I downloaded ios 8. White screen the crashes. Apple has certainly missed the mark with this update

  • Jo

    When trying to log onto tinder, it says i have to log into Facebook before i can continue. I am always logged into Facebook

    • Missdaksie75

      Same with me!

  • leels

    strange that Tinder haven’t made a statement about all the issues going on!

    • Jester the Slacker

      Not really. This is how they handle all issues.

  • tom

    delete it, but your matches will remain – i have tried it – but still not working (iphone 6)

  • Leels

    I’ve not installed ios8 as I’ve heard there’s issues, but I applied the latest tinder update and since then I can’t get into the app. I can see and hear messages being sent, but that’s it.

  • TheShanachie

    Same problems on Android L

  • Okm

    Just delete and reinstall, still with my matches here (:

    • Leels

      How do you reinstall?

  • Tom

    Will deleting it and adding again, delete all the matches?

  • January

    5s with iOS 8. Crashing when I try to do anything on tinder.

  • Steve

    Back in the dark ages here. I’m running iOS7 and can’t update to iOS8 as I’ve got an iPhone 4. I did update the app. I get the same issue with crashing everytime it opens.

  • Lim

    Delete the app and reinstall it. It seems to be doing the trick for a lot of people to make Tinder work again.

    • Tom

      Will it delete all your matches?

      • Rob

        It seems no one is answering your question Tom!
        I’d like to know the answer to that as well?

        • Adam

          Answered a few times – your matches will be fine.

        • Leels

          How do delete and reinstall on an iPhone 5s?

        • Tom

          It worked fine

  • G Mike Lind

    I have a 5s with iOS 8 and Tinder tries to fire up, but crashes every time.

    • Adam

      It was fine for me until I restarted my phone. Oops!

  • Pam

    I also have an iPhone 5S running iOS 8, the app keeps crashing when I try and open it. I need help.