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Tinder app not working since iOS 8 update

The Tinder app is not working correctly for some people after installing Apple’s iOS 8 update. This is what we’ve heard this week after iOS 8 released to public, with a variety of Tinder iPhone app problems ranging from it not loading or giving a message “There’s no one new around you”.

Our readers report these problems weren’t there before updating to iOS 8 on their iPhone 5S, 5, and 4S in some cases. We have included a few tweets talking about Tinder app problems within iOS 8 below, and this will quickly reveal to others that they’re not alone. Other problems include Tinder crashing in iOS 8, the new OS deleting all Tinder matches, and the app going down since updating.


Has the Tinder app stopped working for you since downloading iOS 8? If the app isn’t working, then what issues do you now have? Of course, we hope there’s a few users without any problems and would love to hear from those running the iOS 8 update with all features working as the should.

We tried to test the Tinder app before writing this article on an iPhone 6 Plus, obviously running iOS 8, but when we tried to connect with Tinder it displayed a server error and we couldn’t log in.

The biggest problem seems to be related to finding people around you and one Product Reviews reader had this to say, “Everyone is 100 miles away since I loaded the iOS 8 update”. Another added, “I have the same issue in the UK since loading iOS 8”. Leave your comments below if you’ve installed Apple’s latest operating system.



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