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The Order: 1886 creating weapons PS4 trailer

In the latest The Order: 1886 trailer you learn about creating weapons in this upcoming PS4 exclusive game. Titled Tools of the Trade, the behind the scenes is third in a series detailing key The Order: 1886 features.

The Ready At Dawn developer and key members of the team detail what goes into making weapons in The Order: 1886. You can see the video below, and begin to understand Victorian-Era London with advanced weapons. Thanks to a fictional setting, this allows developers to add things that shouldn’t really be within this era.


This Order: 1886 developer diary focuses mainly on the games weaponry like the Victorian AK47. Again, this stands out right away as something fictional and you’ll get to play a truly unique game on PS4.

You will be able to purchase The Order:1886 on PS4 from February 20, 2015. After watching the new video, share your thoughts on advanced weapons set in the Victorian-Era.



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