SYNCREON parcel delivery tracking in UK for Apple

If you have ordered a product at Apple recently you will know they offer slight details for your delivery status, but if you want the exact information you have to go to the shipping companies website directly. Today, this will be hunted for iPhone 6 pre-orders and people will be looking for the SYNCREON parcel delivery tracking in UK for Apple, along with UK Mail.

There seems to be two ways in which you can track your parcel, first is by going direct to Syncreon, which is what I did to track my order. You are asked to enter your tracking number, followed by your web order number given to you by Apple.


The other option is to use UK Mail, and what they ask for you to enter your customer reference and post code. My status currently says “SHIPMENT PICKUP, NORMAL STATUS”, which means it is not out for delivery yet. One of my colleagues also has the same, although he used the other website.

You might wonder why you can choose between the two websites to see where your package is, and no doubt this could be in case there are any issues with either website. At least if you have problems tracking your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus using Syncreon, at least you have the choice of trying the UK Mail website instead.

It would seem that it will be a long day for many of us waiting for our new iPhones, going on previous experience mine has always come in the afternoon, which is a bit of a pain.



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