SYNCREON parcel delivery tracking in UK for Apple

By Peter Chubb - Sep 19, 2014

If you have ordered a product at Apple recently you will know they offer slight details for your delivery status, but if you want the exact information you have to go to the shipping companies website directly. Today, this will be hunted for iPhone 6 pre-orders and people will be looking for the SYNCREON parcel delivery tracking in UK for Apple, along with UK Mail.

There seems to be two ways in which you can track your parcel, first is by going direct to Syncreon, which is what I did to track my order. You are asked to enter your tracking number, followed by your web order number given to you by Apple.


The other option is to use UK Mail, and what they ask for you to enter your customer reference and post code. My status currently says “SHIPMENT PICKUP, NORMAL STATUS”, which means it is not out for delivery yet. One of my colleagues also has the same, although he used the other website.

You might wonder why you can choose between the two websites to see where your package is, and no doubt this could be in case there are any issues with either website. At least if you have problems tracking your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus using Syncreon, at least you have the choice of trying the UK Mail website instead.

It would seem that it will be a long day for many of us waiting for our new iPhones, going on previous experience mine has always come in the afternoon, which is a bit of a pain.

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  • jaggermeister 3

    My iPhone 7 Plus arrived 2 whole days earlier, sincerely impressed!

  • skb

    In the last 4 weeks I’ve had two deliveries from apple via UK mail. Both times the deliveries have been on time, todays delivery was nearly an hour earlier… am very pleased with their service

  • Darren

    I am waiting for a Green Apple Watch Sport strap which Apple told me would be here yesterday (11 May) but they haven’t delivered!! Very poor service….

  • Dissatisfied Customer

    The worst delivery company ever!! I order an apple mac book in the end of December and I still don’t have it. I have called them up numerous times, they apologise every time and they do nothing about it. I complained to Apple Customer Support and they seemed surprised by the whole situation but they haven’t done anything about it.

  • Angry of Cardiff

    Shocking customer service and Apple cannot help! 17 days after ordering online and still no delivery. Possibly the most unreliable, poorly operated and logistically useless delivery company I have ever encountered. There is only a single operator who answers calls and after numerous apologies and promises, hangs up and does nothing – unbelievable. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

    • shakir hussain

      Same here

  • Disgruntled

    10:20pm and it still hasn’t arrived work grr. Apple say delivery before 6pm and have sent me a text this morning to say it will be delivered. It has been out for delivery since 9am. Syncreon say delivery by 8pm. Ukmail tracking says delivery between 21:01 – 22:01. Why waste my whole day for nothing

  • ds

    Mine says “ACCESS VERIFICATION REQUIRED” in the syncreon tracking page, and just “delayed” on the UK Mail tracker. New estimated delivery date sep 22. Phone lines are closed and apparently pickup at the depot isn’t possible tomorrow.

    • ozzer76

      So does mine. When did it arrive? Can you remember that far back? hahaha

  • Shaun

    I called UKMail, they said that deliveries can happen up to 8pm, I’m still waiting for mine. The agent also said though that if it goes past 8pm and the driver hasn’t finished their deliveries, then they are not allowed legally to drive any more for that day as they have a legal number of driving hours they can do… hope s/he makes it before 8 then!

  • Jonathan

    I received text messages today saying that my orders will be delivered, only one out of three packages arrived ( UPS fortunately ) but i’m still awaiting two more, i’m assuming that its unlikely to be today as its 7:20pm now

  • simeon

    mine looks like it’s now being delivered on the 22nd but no card at home – and I got a message from apple it was delivered!

    Really annoyed as I am away for a week on Monday.

  • #iPhoneDayRuined – I’ve waited in all day and now and whilst the Syncreon site tells me it’s still out for delivery, UK Mail says that delivery was attempted. When I called them they said that’s correct and card left…neither of that is true. Great!

  • Guests

    Mine still not delivered yet! will be soon time to leave work

  • Guest

    Actually, mind said picked up but the estimated is still 18:00 so i think its a generic message and it could be delivered before (fingers crossed!!)!! actually one finger up! waste of a whole day!

  • gb

    stupid really i expected more from apple

  • Mark Lennard

    So it arrived at Hinckley and then went back to Hinckley?? Not sure you’ll be getting it today by the looks of that!!

    • Stephen Huxtable

      That was what I thought too.

    • Peter Chubb

      Used the UK Mail website instead, seems to give you more details. It says I will get it between 3PM and 4PM UK time today.