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Super Smash Bros 3DS demo live in USA, UK

The Super Smash Bros 3DS demo has finally gone live in the UK and some say its release time has arrived in USA as well. The news came with a flurry of tweets and happiness from those waiting after Japan got hands-on first last week via the E-Shop.

Europe saw the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo go live within the last 2 hours, on September 19th. If you’re a Nintendo club Platinum member, then you would have no doubt been playing already and it’s now the turn of general public users without such a membership.


Within the UK and USA Super Smash Bros 3DS demo you’ll have a choice of five characters playable within a 2-minute round. These include Link, Pikachu, Mega Man, Villager, and of course Mario.

You can see a few tweets below from those in Europe getting hands-on with the Super Smash Bros demo on Nintendo 3DS.

It looks like some gamers still can’t see the demo live in North America just yet, as another tweet below points out. If you are hands-on with the Super Smash Bros 3DS demo in USA, let us know when it went live for you.

Let us know how you think the new Super Smash Bros 3DS demo compares to the previous game? Is it live for you and if so, are you in USA or UK? Personally, we feel the game plays more like a Brawl than Melee but we’d love to hear your opinion, or user review below.



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