Steam down today, DDoS worries as not working

- Sep 19, 2014

Steam is down today on September 19th, it’s unclear why the URL is not working but we are seeing a message stating “An error occurred while processing your request”. This then leads to a long reference number being displayed with a white error page.

We’ve heard from many of our readers that like to use steam late in the USA, or even those getting up early in the UK. It looks like the Steam website and its services are down in both regions. You can see a number of tweets also confirming Steam is not working with a total outage below.

The tweets above also reveal some gamers trying to guess exactly why the Steam store is down right now. Thinking certain titles might have caused it. We have reached out to Steam support for a comment on the outage today.


You can see a screenshot of the error being displayed on steam right now above, and revealing the site is down totally today. Have you not been able to access steam and if so, what country and city is it down for you in? If you know how long it’s been down as well, then share a comment.

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  • Croatia

    Works in Croatia 🙂

  • Honeybread

    down in france too

  • Another Person

    Woops. Up.

  • Another Person

    Seems to be back up in US but I’m in Australia 🙁

  • alexey

    down in Russia too

  • Another Person

    Still down but could log on. No access to store though… 🙁 Melbourne, Australia. 16:46 AEST +10GMT

  • NUFF

    back up here

  • Srini

    Yes Down in India….

  • barrow

    down in Hungary too!

  • gvasdas


  • Steve Jackson

    Confirmed DDOS attack

  • sango

    down in India too!

  • Tequila Wolf

    Cancel that, Steam program up and running in scotland now.

  • it’stheBOMB

    The U.S. West Coast has been nuuuuuuked. Putin has killed our Gabe.

  • Dan44

    Its down in Australia too…

  • Tequila Wolf

    Down in Scotland too.

  • Drew Ksionzyk

    10:45 BC and it’s still down

  • Nibelungen

    I’m in AL-A-BAM-A and been down about 15-20 minutes here, interrupted by DOTA2 game.

  • NUFF

    Canada, British Columbia 10:42. I got booted from Saints Row 4.

  • Tom

    Steam is down in Singapore too, confirmed.

  • Glen Boyd

    Down and out from New Zealand too

  • Batman

    10:32 pm, Washington State, it’s been down for at least 10 minutes.