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iOS 8 Camera Roll not missing

Our in-house developer has had plenty of time to play with the many version of iOS 8 beta, and over the past few months has highlighted some of the good and bad points. What he failed to tell us was the changes made to to Photos app, something that has seen many users complain about the Camera Roll.

iOS 8 Camera Roll not missing – We have heard from many of our readers complaining that the Camera Roll is missing, but that is not the case, it has been replaced.

You can see in the images below that you still have the Albums and Photos sections within the built-in app. However, instead of seeing the Camera Roll that showed us all the photos stored on our iPad, iPhone and iPod touch devices, this has now been replaced with Recently Added, which shows images taken over the last 30 days.

iOS 8 Camera Roll

In order to see all of your photos, you now have to select Photos on the bottom left of the app, which takes you to Collections and are broken down into years, you then select a year, and they are narrowed down further into where the images were taken. It is there that you can then view more images.

You can see an example of this in the video below.

Are you upset with the changes made to Photos, and would you like to see Camera Roll return in iOS 8.0.1?

If you miss Camera Roll, then there is a way to get it back, and that is with the use of a third-party app called MyRoll, which you can find on iTunes.



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