FIFA 15 Pack Opening with Gareth Bale live reaction

After a long wait, we’re pleased to say that the FIFA 15 web app is now live. The full game is also live one week earlier if you have FIFA 15 through the EA Access program. As a result, we can now bring you some great footage from the game, including one early FIFA 15 pack opening in which one user managed to get Real Madrid’s Gareth Bale in a pack live.

As most of you know, it is extremely hard to get any of the rare players in a gold pack opening, let alone be lucky enough to record evidence of it. Usually players have become used to having to play large amounts of money to buy at auction, but not one new FIFA 15 player who has been very lucky indeed.

We’ve included the video below, which shows his reaction in getting Bale who is rated 87 on FIFA 15. He has amazing stats such as a blistering 94 Pace, 84 Dribble, 83 for Shooting and 83 for Passing.

Looking deeper into his stats, he also has 93 for Acceleration and 90 for Stamina. The reaction as you will see is pretty amusing, but very understandable given how much a Bale card would usually go for when paying outright.

The question is, can you top this and get an even better card on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team? So far, this is the highest card that we have seen picked out live in a pack opening so we challenge you to show us better.



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