Reus Liverpool transfer on FIFA 15 after John Henry Tweet

It’s no secret that Liverpool FC missed the opportunity to sign Marco Reus over the Summer, but that hasn’t stopped the Reus to Liverpool transfer news from slowing down. On the contrary actually, as some surprising words from LFC owner John W Henry on Reus has prompted massive reaction from social media and Liverpool fans worldwide.

Don’t forget that the January Transfer window is approaching, so there is still a chance that FIFA 15 owners and especially Liverpool fans will be able to see Reus on the Liverpool squad for the game.

This probability has now increased tenfold after Henry revealed the following on his verified Twitter account just hours ago. Take a look for yourself:

We can’t quite believe it ourselves since it seemingly goes against any transfer ethics that Liverpool have as a club. Then again, we’ve also seen plenty of speculation that Henry’s account was ‘hacked’ and in turn, the person responsible has written about Reus to make a name for themselves.

Either way, this Tweet has now racked up over 12,000 retweets and it is growing by the second. Imagine seeing Reus with a Liverpool card on FIFA 15 Ultimate Team after the FIFA 15 January update from EA?

Is Reus the missing puzzle to Liverpool’s current squad and does Henry really want to sign the player? Announcing it on a global stage on Twitter though is very surprising if true.

Some are calling it banter of the highest order, but what do you think?



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