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iPad Air 2 Touch ID guaranteed in Oct 2014

The iPad Air 2 looks set to be unveiled next month, which we suspect will be October 21st, even though some so-called experts are saying this will not be the date. Whatever date it will be, we know that it will take place next month and that means the iPad Air 2 with Touch ID is guaranteed in Oct 2014.

Why would Apple open up Touch ID to 3rd party apps and not add that feature to iPad Air 2? It’s guaranteed to happen.

There have been a few leaked images, and we have already shown one to you. You saw that the image of the iPad Air 2 clearly showed that it has Touch ID, and it would make perfect sense because Apple has allowed third-party developers to take advantage of this security feature, and the new 2014 iPad is screaming out for this feature.

iPad Air 2 Touch ID in Oct

With Apple maintaining that it is to keep pushing to improve security on its iOS devices, this is surely an admission that the iPad Air 2, and possibly the iPad mini 3 will also benefit from using your fingerprint instead of a common password?

How many times have you had your iPad stolen, only to worry that people were able to crack your password? Ok, so we know that nothing is 100 percent safe, but it is much tougher to bypass a system that requires your fingerprint.

Like we said above, Touch ID will now be used in a much bigger way with iOS 8, and so we ask that you watch this space.



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