iOS 8 update: Keyboard issues hit iPad

By Peter Chubb - Sep 18, 2014

The iOS 8 update has not gone well for some of you because there have been reports of several issues, which we have been discussing. The latest issue that has come to life are the iOS 8 keyboard issues on the iPad, although we have yet to come across these glitches.

We have been hearing from some of our readers, and one of them said, “I cannot get most of the virtual keys to flash while typing, although they do still input my text.” Our reader did try a restart, but this did not fix the issue.

It would seem that the iOS 8 keys not inverting color when pressed is not an isolated issue, although it only appears to happen while using Safari or iMessage. Another reader said that they were able to find a workaround for this problem, and that was to turn off the reduce transparency option. It does seem strange how you were able to keep this setting on in iOS 7, but not with iOS 8.

iOS 8 keyboard issues hit iPad

Several other issues have started to show up, such as not being able to log in to iCloud with Apple ID. We have only heard of a handful of cases with this problem, and so we have yet to know how widespread this actually is.

A few Product-reviews readers said their iPads were stuck on the Apple logo after installing iOS 8, but the way around this is to force your iPad into recovery mode.

We keep hearing of new glitches within iOS 8 all the time, but if you have any more to add, then please do so by going to the comments section below.

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  • Janet Young Beitlich

    Ever since upgrading to iOS 9 my keyboard won’t work. I have a Logitech folio and iPad 4

  • Lauren Glenn

    How about the oversized keyboard on the iPad mini retina display where half of the keyboard is offscreen and you can’t bring it back without going into keyboard settings and making a change to the keyboard order (or options inside of it). Oh, and rotation also causes issues with the keyboard where it will be half offscreen until I rotate landscape.

  • missy1607

    Typing delay since last security update, skips letters makes messed up words. This took five times longer to type then should.

  • disqus_yTzKLRG4dw

    IPad Air – Several issues so far. Serious issues in my opinion…keyboards switch and cycle through all 3 keyboards while typing in one message. When I click to type in a space on the web or anywhere really, no keyboard pops up at all. That’s really annoying. When I reply to anyone on facebook, as soon as I hit enter to post, it messes everything up, adds tons of wierd crap and then duplicates the entire sentence I just posted so nothing makes sense at all. What???

  • StanZ

    Once upgrading to 8.0 on my iPad Air my uPad app no longer allows me to import pics, change fonts in text mode and shuts down constantly without warning. Any suggestions?

  • JCjnr

    IPad 4 is slow at start up and keeps restarting sometimes when swiping screens and sometimes when launching apps

  • Deb

    My rear camera and led light no longer work after upgrading to iOS 8

  • MTO

    Does anyone know what “mike” “mile” “mole” and “moke” have in common under IOS 8 on my iPad 4? These are all variations of what happen when I type my name, “mike”, on my iPad after upgrading to IOS 8. Even when I’m extra careful to hit each key correctly. It turns out only the left side of the “I” key renders an “I”, while the right side returns an “o”. Similarly, the left side of the “k” returns a “k” but the right side an “l”. Hitting these keys in the middle gives unpredictable results. Similar problems with some other keys also, like “a” and “s”. Has anyone else encountered something like this? It sure makes for all kinds of errors in my typing. 🙁

  • rkmjr

    I have had an issue where my iPad Air just simply shuts down. Then after several attempt of at resetting, it will come on. Then this morning after recharging all night I again had to go through the reset process. I use this iPad with a ZAGG keyboard. I do not think that is related to the problem, but you ever know.

  • UWhad7531


  • narg

    I’m having issues switching to some of the 3rd party keyboards and back out. Once installed, I usually can choose them from the lower left button and menu that comes up, but the menu refuses to show back up after that in many cases.

    • UWhad7531

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