iOS 8 long download time or update requested

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2014

Those of you leaving the iPad and iPhone update until today will still find problems with iOS 8 experiencing a long download time. This means the servers are still not working at their normal speed, and in fact trying download the iOS 8 update results in a download time of over 8 hours for some in iTunes.

We’ve also seen downloads within the device itself getting stuck on the “Update Requested” screen, which happens after finding the iOS 8 update and trying to download it. The message alongside this states, “Your software update request has been received you will be notified when the software update has been downloaded and is ready to install”.

The Apple server problems are also hitting the Mac App Store. Our in-house developer mentioned they’ve been downloading the OS X Yosemite Developer Preview 8 for over 10 hours today, and it still has another 2 hours to go. This reveals the demand for Apple’s servers is creating a massive slow down, and as such you will find your download taking a lot longer today.


Some people thought waiting another day would give them a fast iOS 8 download time on iPad and iPhone, but this isn’t the case as you can see with the screenshot above.

Are you trying to download iOS 8 on an iPad, iPod touch, or iPhone today? If so, how long is your download time stating? Share a comment below along with the location you’re in, and we’ll see if there’s a pattern by country or city.

From those that have managed to install the new operating system, many are happy but some are complaining about apps crashing.

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  • Joe Pro Apple User

    I’ve been trying to download the iOS 8 update daily. I’m running Snow Leopard 10.6.8 with iTunes 11.4. Download time always shows as 20+ hours and has been consistently failing. I’ve tried the “just download” option to no avail. The Find my iPhone, Pages, Keynote, Numbers, and Photo apps will not install due to needing iOS 8. I’m running Yosemite in a dual boot Mac Pro 3,1 and enabled iCloud drive. Now when I launch any of the iApps I get CONSTANT annoying reminders that iCloud drive is enabled an to update accordingly. I am VERY concerned about how my 30,000 plus image, meticulously key-worded, photo library in iPhoto will migrate into Photo in Yosemite and show up in my iPhone and iPads. I have over 100 carefully organized photo albums and smart albums that I manage in iTunes as to which albums go to which devices. If the albums and keywords don’t migrate to Photos in Yosemite it will be extremely costly to me. I have been using Apple products since 1978 and this kind of update problems is very atypical. For the first time in over 30 years of professional use of Apple systems I am concerned over loss of productivity.

  • Joanna

    Ipad stuck on download for 7 hours, meanwhile system crashed 4 times. Unable to connect to server for hours. Disaster!

  • Jack

    My download times on 9/20 are showing over 30 hours!

  • Ryan

    What to do been stuck in requesting update for over 8 hours right now!!!

  • Peter

    Been stuck in requesting update for at least 12 hours.
    Australia – Victoria – Geelong

  • Lew

    Been stuck on requesting update for about 12 hours!

  • Sophia

    Over 3 hours and still on ‘requesting update’
    Australia- Victoria- Melbourne

  • Ned

    22 minutes in Australia