Furniture Market email scam warning for UK

We have become aware of a new email scam that is threatening to install dangerous tools on your computer, intending to steal personal data such as bank login information and other financial services that you use. It’s a Furniture Market email scam that is causing the problem, attacking a legitimate company with the aim of persuading consumers to open the email attachment.

As far as we’re aware, this is one of the ‘latest’ batch to appear in common email scam trends. These kinds of emails often pop up unexpectedly from time to time, but the difference with this one, is that the perpetrators are using a real company name, as well as an employee name to dupe unsuspecting consumers.

The email that is circulating explains to users that they should check the attached files, which confirm a (fake) order that they placed with the company. Obviously, some consumers may open these attachments in case an error has been made in their name and that’s where the attacker can gain access to personal information once these attachments have been opened.

It goes without saying that if you have received this email like many others have, do not open the email attachments just to be safe. The best thing that you can do is simply delete the email and it’s the same message that has already been released by actual staff at Furniture Market who apologise for the spam mail.

Have you received an email from within the last few days asking you to confirm an invoice? Get in touch below if you have anything to share on this matter.



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