Final Fantasy 15 demo with amazing open world

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2014

It has been a long time coming, but we finally have a breakthrough with regards to the next Final Fantasy game. At Tokyo Game Show, Square-Enix has unleashed a new Final Fantasy 15 trailer and also some crucial information with regards to the Final Fantasy 15 demo release date.

Remember that Final Fantasy 15, or FFXV is now the new and improved version of Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Originally announced as a PS4 exclusive, the game is now going to be coming out on Xbox One which should be no surprise given the infamous news regarding the next Tomb Raider game from Square-Enix which is an Xbox One exclusive.

As for Final Fantasy 15 though, the game is looking amazing. The new trailer released mixes in both cutscene sequences and actual Final Fantasy 15 gameplay.


The most exciting thing for us though was the seemingly confirmation that Final Fantasy 15 is going to be an open world-based exploration game, rather than a linear point-to-point game which ultimately was the downfall of Final Fantasy 13.

We’ll let you watch the trailer below to see evidence of this below, we think you will be very impressed. After playing the likes of Final Fantasy VII, FF8, FF9 and FF10 this could be the Final Fantasy game that you have been waiting to play for years.

On the subject of the highly anticipated demo, we can tell you that it is going to be available to play in March. The big catch however, is that Square-Enix has attached it to the release of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD – surprise surprise.

It means you need to buy that game in order to play the Final Fantasy XV demo which will be available in digital format with a code, rather than on a separate PS4 or Xbox One disc.

What are your thoughts on this? Are you not bothered about having to buy FF Type-0 HD given that the new trailer below looks amazing? Or is this a problem with you not wanting to buy two games? – Give us your reaction to the news below.

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  • Tens Muri

    I doubt this is an open world game, but its another final fantasy Linear game. I remembered there were a lot of articles saying that Final fantasy 13 was an open world game, but wasn’t. Based on the images and released game plays, Final fantasy 15 looks to be semi-Linear, similar to final fantasy 12. There will be a small sand box area to free roam, and there will be loading screen to fast travel into the next city vs actually running into the city from a real open world environment. Most “real” sand-box developers would have released by now an image of a open world map or they would publicly say things such as “there are no hidden walls and you are free to jump and travel wherever you please. Watch me show this as I swim in the water or run over the mountain”. In contrast, the FF15 developers don’t comment on questions like these and they haven’t released any proof that it is an open world game. My bet is on the game being semi-linear(based on the released footage). This game will seem more like final fantasy 13-3 with “fast travel” vs real-time travel.