FIFA 15 web app release time update 6PM today

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2014

EA has just confirmed the FIFA 15 web app release time will be today, and an update is coming after 6PM in the UK. The news landed on Twitter within the last 10 minutes, so this is the latest information directly from EA Sports.

We know they’ve promised this previously, but in the tweet it was clear the launch was pushed back and the new window will be in the UK evening today. The exact FIFA 15 web app release time hasn’t been published officially, although the update at 6PM will either explain it’s live or when it will be today.

Take a look at the latest tweet below, which is the most current official statement and we don’t expect anything to change now until 6PM UK.

FIFA 15 web app release time update

How has the FIFA 15 web app wait been for you this year? When the official FIFA 15 UT web app release time finally arrives later today, we’ll be sure to post an update to Product Reviews readers. In the meantime, please leave your thoughts below and if you’ll be ready later to get hands-on.

Only yesterday, we explained the FIFA 15 web app release time was imminent and most gamers expected it after official comments hinting to that fact. Today, we saw what the delay meant on the likes of Twitter with a new viral trend.

One of the biggest problems this year was expectation. Not only from when EA said they would launch, but also from the pattern last year and in 2014 it’s a lot later. Leave your thoughts below.

Update: More server maintenance hinting at preparation for the full game and the FIFA 15 web app release. Take a look at the tweet above explaining FUT is down again.

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  • Diego

    It’s just the usual incompetent rubbish from EA. They’ve been overpromising and underdelivering for years with FIFA. I don’t understand why they always promise something and never complete it on time. Why not say the web app will be out on say Sunday and if you can bring it out earlier, then do it? Rather than annoy everyone by saying it will be here on the 17th and having no intention of bringing it out on that day. Seriously, this despicable company needs a few lessons on how to treat its customers and keep them happy.

    If they can’t get the web app right, what hope do they have of getting the game right prior to its release date? You can bet your money that EA will release FIFA 15 as a half-finished product, it will break in the first couple of weeks and then you’ll be waiting weeks for them to get off their backsides and patch something that should have been completed properly in the first place. This whole web app debacle and EA’s response has made me re-consider whether I want to buy FIFA 15. At the moment, I’d have to say it’s been enough to convince me to not bother buying it. What hope is there for the game if they can’t sort out a secondary feature like the web app?

  • Beth

    I really hope they deliver today, I want the FIFA 15 web app and will be heading to their Twitter at 6 pm.