FIFA 15 Leagues and Clubs full list live

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2014

With the FIFA 15 countdown now on, we are pleased to say that EA has now revealed the official FIFA 15 Leagues and Clubs list in full, meaning that those intending to buy can get a full heads-up on which teams and leagues have been included.

Obviously most of you will be expecting the usual leagues to be included such as the Spanish La Liga, French Ligue 1 and German Bundesliga. But this is now the opportunity to see what obscure teams and leagues have made it into the game as well.

For example, some of you may be pleased to hear that you’ll be able to play in the Korean K League Classic, the Belgium Pro League, the Portuguese Primeira Liga and much more.

You can also see the full list of FIFA 15 national teams have that been selected, including the likes of Wales, Uruguay, South Africa and New Zealand.

EA has all the details here. It’s important to note that if the team has a * next to it, it means that they have been officially licensed, so you can expect to see official player names, faces and kits.

Are you satisfied with this list or unhappy that a certain club or league has been left out? Give us your reaction to the FIFA 15 news that has just been released by EA minutes ago.

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  • Dave

    Dave. Here we go again let down with no new leagues just Turkish league replacing the Brazilian league. Why couldn’t they have added more Scottish leagues and the conference league just to name two. A total lack of effort on ea s part. It seems like they have put all of their effort into the English premier league and forgotton all the rest. I will buy Fifa 15 but if fifa 16 hasn’t got a lot more new leagues I won’t be buying as it costs 40 pounds plus just for a basic gloss over

  • Alen

    Why is bosnia still not on a fifa game yet, even though they debuted this for the World Cup, there a top 10-15 team in the rankings and 90 percent of the players are in the game. This is just unbelievable fifa screwed us over just like at the World Cup.