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Clash of Clans 6.253.5 update for Kindle Fire

As most of you know, the new Clash of Clans update has gone live for iOS and Android. However, we can also see an increased demand for the new Clash of Clans 6.253.5 update on Kindle Fire tablet as well, since updates usually take longer to arrive.

The good news, is that we can bring you the Clash of Clans 6.253.5 apk download for Kindle Fire, which will ensure that those playing on tablet can enjoy the latest update just like Android and iOS players.

Better yet, we also have a guide showing you exactly how to install Clash of Clash on Kindle Fire for those that are trying for the first time. We’ve found the Clash of Clans 6.253.5 download for you here, which also contains a step-by-step guide on how to get it installed – without having to root your tablet.

We’ve also included a video for you to watch below, which shows one user performing the exact same steps using the same guide just to show you that it works.

We were one of the first to tell you here that the latest Clash of Clan update would be adding Lava Hound troops, Dark Barracks level 6 and Archer Tower level 13 into the game.

Just how good is the latest Clash of the Clans update? If you have a Kindle Fire and find the information above useful, let us know how you get on with installing the update on your device.



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