Cartoon HD not working on iOS 8 say users

By Alan Ng - Sep 18, 2014

Back over the Summer, we told you that the popular app Cartoon HD was still working with beta versions of iOS. With the iOS 8 public release now live though, many users are now saying that the new update has in fact resulted in the Cartoon HD app not working again on iOS 8.

We told you in a more recent report that Cartoon HD had suddenly started to work for those that still had the app on an iPhone or iPad. On our test device though, we had a quick check to see that Cartoon HD on iOS 7.0 is still operational – contrary to those who say that it’s not.

While the app is clearly still the subject of a grey area, those who feel the need to use Cartoon HD should not install iOS 8 as the app won’t function on Apple’s new software.

Is it one of Apple’s secret security measures that they put in place behind the scenes, or is it just a coincidence? Either way, we can see that many other users have been discovering that the infamous app is no longer working after installing the update hours ago.

It could just be the fact that iOS 7.0 may be the only version in which the app is still functional. We say that as we also saw a conflicting tweet from another user who says that the app doesn’t work on iOS 7.1.2.

Those are what other users are saying about the app though in the last 24 hours since Apple released their iOS 8 public update. We wanted to share this information and see what you think – Let us know if you have also discovered that Cartoon HD is gone for good on iOS 8, or if the app is still up for you.

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  • Natalie

    Updated my iOS 8 and now my cartoon hd not working. Wish I knew that before updating I would have never done that!!!! So annoyed about that!!!!!

  • Andrew

    mine was working with IOS 7.1.2 about a week ago, i checked yesterday and i don’t see any content in the app

  • Nigel Foster

    Updated to iOS 8 now my cartoon hd is not working devastated

  • sam

    both ipads running ios7 now not working gutted it is by far the best app out there i would pay money to use it GUTTED

    • Bond58

      Go to date/ time settings on iPad and set date to any day before May 1st 2014 and leave it that way . Then try Cartoon HD , it should work .
      While you are using Cartoon HD you have to leave date set as above.

      Hope it helps

  • bebo

    well is not working at all ;( two ipads (0s8 also os7 ) not working . tried to change the dates but still same ;( what a shame ;(

  • Manoj Parmar

    Gone and not happy. Please bring it back or tell me how to. Thanks.