Apple TV update 7.0, release notes MIA

We are still hoping that there will be an Apple TV 4th-gen release or even an announcement next month, but to help keep the current model relevant, there was an Apple TV update 7.0 released yesterday. Whenever such a device gets an update there are usually release notes to go with it, but for some reason these are MIA – for the moment.

One reason why there are no release notes could be to do with the fact that this is not a major update, and so for those who were hoping for a major Apple TV update, we guess you have to keep waiting.

So what’s new? – The biggest change that we can see is the addition of the Beats Music app, which as you know is a subscription music service. The UI is basically the same, so all the icons appear as a grid of thumbnails.

Apple TV update 7.0

Version 7.0 now allows you to sign into iCloud Photos and Family Sharing, the latter of which is one of the latest features for iOS 8, something that we turned off on the iPhone for now to see if this improves battery life.

Menus have also been given a much-need facelift, as this has been the same for a few years now, it now has a flatter look to coincide with the look of iOS 7 and iOS 8.

Going back to those icons, they have received a minor refresh, so now they have a thin white outline instead of blue, and there is no longer a reflection at the bottom. However, the biggest change to the icons is that there are now more on show on the home screen.

That is all we have noticed so far, but if you can see any other Apple TV changes following this latest update, then please let us know.



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