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October PS Plus 2014 update with extra PS4 game

The October PlayStation Plus 2014 update will come with an extra PS4 game and while this is a confirmed fact, we still don’t know what the other titles will be just yet. After the planned PS Plus update release date on October 1st in the UK, you will then benefit from PS4 exclusive game DriveClub a few days later.

It’s still unclear if the US release pattern will be kept in October with the PS Plus 2014 update. This would mean UK subscribers receive their free games on the first day of the month, and then those of you in the USA will get a PS Plus update 6 days later. Normally, US is before UK but the traditional Tuesday and Wednesday update days fall differently next month.


DriveClub is a free PS4 game for PS Plus subscribers only, although some people thought this title would replace another game in the October free game lineup. This isn’t the case, and a PlayStation blog official confirmed DriveClub is extra to the normal PS Plus offering.

Subscribers also benefit from a weather update and free tracks with their special edition. You should also note that the United States receive DriveClub 3 days early than UK, so this is on October 7th, which funny enough is the expected US October PS Plus update date.

What other free games would you like to see in your October PS Plus update for PS3, PS4, and PS Vita?



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