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MSI graphics card dock reinvents laptop gaming

MSI has come up with a device that will help to give your aging gaming laptop a new lease of life. The device is essentially an MSI graphics card dock that has been developed to reinvent the gaming laptop.

When you purchase the new GS30 Shadow laptop there is an optional extra for you to consider, and that is a desktop dock that has been designed to boost the graphics.

MSI graphics card dock

What does the MSI gaming dock consist of? Built into the dock is its own PSU, fan, along with a PCIe x16 slot, allowing you to insert high-end graphics cards into. When you slot the GS30 Shadow laptop into the dock you will be able to make full use of the power of the high-end graphics card you decide to place inside.

We do have a problem with the overall look of thing, as it is not elegant and sleek and so just offers a slap round the face each time you look at it. You would have thought in this day and age it would be a more sleek, and slender design.

However, the old saying good things come it little packages does not apply here, because while it may look a little brutish, it certainly gets the job done.

Like we said above, this dock goes with the GS30 Shadow laptop, more details of which can be found in the image above.



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