iOS 8 public update is live

By Peter Chubb - Sep 17, 2014

The time has finally come and Apple’s made the iOS 8 public update live in the last few minutes, which comes with a lot of anticipation over weeks of beta testing. Our download took place without any problems at 1.5GB on an iPad mini, although we are hearing about iTunes not working for some trying with an iPhone today.

We are currently downloading iOS 8 to the iPhone 5 and so far has been stuck at 8 minutes for the past 5 minutes and this keeps increasing all the time, which means that Apple servers are already coming under pressure.

Developers using the Gold Master version were also able to just click the software update button on their device, which allows them to update to iOS 8 public as well, so this has to be the reason why our in-house developer had no issues downloading and installing iOS 8 to their iPad, as they got in before the mad rush.

IOS 8 live

A few of our reader’s mention after clicking the iOS 8 update button they get, “Update Requested” and the screen stays on that for a few minutes without downloading. If this has happened to you, let us know if it started working sooner rather than later.

We are hearing from some of our readers that they are able to download iOS 8 to their iPad, but when they try on their iPhone 5 or 5S, it does not come up that it is live. This has led some people to believe that it was a test for the iPad first, although seeing as though I have just three minutes remaining on my download to my iPhone 5 that theory is incorrect.

If you are not able to download iOS 8 OTA on your iPhone, then we would suggest you connect to iTunes and try there for iPhone 5.

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  • very frusterated person

    mine downloaded in 30 mins but then turned of, I turned it back on and it gave me a loading screen, 17 hours later its still loading and hasn’t updated any more in the last 9 hours!! it wont respond to the home and power button therefore it has been useless for 17 hours. I cant belive it needed 6.2 gigabytes of free space! I hope my ipad mini updates before tomorrow! im tempted to take it over to best buy and complain

  • alex

    Mine’s been downloading over an hour and it keeps switching between 7-10 hours.. is it really gonna take that long? half of my friends downloaded immediately or within a couple minutes

  • Samantha

    Mine says it’s downloading but it also says about 2-3 hours remaining and that changes every few minutes too..

    • Scott

      I’ve just got it to download and it says the same 3 hours

      • Samantha

        down to 5 minutes remaining now! This required 5GB of storage..hopefully it doesn’t actually use that much so I can re add my music!

  • Scott

    Hi, I’ve tried downloading on iTunes but still says iphone software 7.1.2 is the current version