iOS 8 download stuck or slow

- Sep 17, 2014

One of the Product Reviews team has seen their iOS 8 download get stuck or being very slow, especially considering they’ve been downloading for over an hour now with 27 minutes still left. You can see a quick iPad mini screenshot below, and our in-house developer also mentions trying to download the public version of iOS 8 from the developer portal results in a 2-hour wait according to the download time.

Apple’s servers always get hit hard each year, but in 2014 we’ve seen them either not working through iTunes or delivering an iOS 8 download that looks stuck. It is moving, but incredibly slow and this is why some people will be waiting until tomorrow or the weekend to update when demand cools down.

Another reader managed to get the full download complete, but then states “my iOS 8 download is stuck on preparing update”. We also see hundreds of tweets mentioning similar problems downloading over-the-air, or through the iTunes software itself. One of these tweets stated, “Why does iOS 8 download so slowly, it’s strange considering Apple is a tech company will billions in revenue”.


The bottom-line seems to be that every website and company can only take so much demand, and in Apple’s case this is millions of iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users trying to upgrade at the same time.

Has your iOS 8 download got stuck on the upgrade screen, while preparing to update, or through iTunes? It looks like the servers are still up, but just not working as fast as most of you would like. Others seem to have problems getting iOS 7.1.2 first, although they should have done this a few days ago really.

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  • ATom87

    I’ve tried 5 times, first time said 31 hours remaining– this time says 14 hours. My husbands updated while we ate breakfast… Wtf

  • ms559

    my iphone 5s is stuck the apple logo and it keeps looping. how do I fix this???!!

  • Z

    I’m at 4 hours right now for iPad mini Retina… -___-

  • Kel

    Mine download has been stuck at 28 minutes for over an hour and half, frustrated.