GTA V new update hopes after Online servers down

Earlier this week we spoke about the fact that it is now officially one year since GTA V launched, but Rockstar still hasn’t given users a new GTA V anniversary update to celebrate this milestone.

Usually we see new updates on a Tuesday but obviously this week it didn’t happen. There has been some movement from Rockstar however, as we can see that the developer is planning to take GTA Online down on Thursday and Friday – September 18 and 19.

The reason for this, according to Rockstar is simply maintenance without going into any detail. The first part of the maintenance on Thursday will be targeting the GTA Online leaderboards, but the second part of the downtime is a mystery.

The good news is that both sets of downtime are very brief, lasting only one hour between 9am to 10am Eastern Time. While you may still be able play GTA Online on Thursday during this window, Rockstar says that you won’t be able to play online during Friday’s maintenance.

We can already see speculation that the GTA V servers down on September 19 could lead to a possible new update on Tuesday, September 23. It has been a while since we last had the Flight School content, so it’s fair to say that an update is long overdue.

Either way, Rockstar will be working on something for a full hour on Friday so let us know what you think it will be. Surely it’s not to prepare for Heists on Tuesday is it?



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