FIFA 15 web app release time imminent

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 18, 2014

The FIFA 15 web app release time is imminent and the EA Sports FIFA Twitter account has broken to pressure, well at least to hint the application is extremely close to going live. After continual questions asking when the FIFA 15 web app will be live, official tweets strongly hint at it going live later today, or at the least in a matter of hours rather than days.

At the very least, EA is succeeding to teasing fans over the FIFA 15 web app release and the tweets below reveal just that. This has resulted in a lot of frustration after such a long wait past that of last years launch.

One of the latest tweets announced the Team of The Week for FIFA 15 and added they will update on the social network when the FIFA 15 web app releases. Another message said, “we’ll announce when it is up” and this is closer than the “we don’t have that information” messages from a week ago.


For some people the fact that the FIFA 15 web app will be live imminently isn’t enough, so they have reached out asking for a release time. You can see one such tweet below, which gained a reply along the lines of “we’ll be announcing when it’s live soon”.

Are you dying to get the FIFA 15 web app release time, or are you confident in the knowledge that it will be live VERY soon? We’ll publish an update once they make the announcement, although leave a comment if you see the application live before us. If you see the servers go down for maintenance, then share that information below as well.

You can also read about the FIFA 15 web app sign-in verification in a previous article.

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  • leo

    I’m loading the web app now. I started going on it at 3pm US, AND ITS STILL LOADING!!!!!!!!!!!! there is now problem with my internet connection right now, so I was thinking about it and I was like “Well, its just EA, so I cant argue with that”

  • Aaron

    i don’t see why they can’t just release it?

  • george

    release time pushed back to uk evening

    • i like girls


  • Jorpius Suntheryiu

    hurry up EA

  • Kenneth

    It’s 1 in the morning. No web app. Good job EA! Another let down.


    ea always mess everyone about. might just not bother buying the game..

  • Dom

    A still wouldn’t put it past ea to fail with the launch if it isn’t out by 12 get ya head down cuz there’s bin a problem owel it be out wen it’s ready

  • cameron

    okay thanks

  • cameron

    in 3 minutes

  • cameron


  • Dom

    Maybe or later tonyt because they don’t want the severs flooded or it will crash

  • cameron


  • cameron

    so the web app will be today at 10?

  • cameron


  • Dom

    They always release on the hour check at ten

  • Dom

    There hasn’t bin a offical update for a while so a think its close

  • cameron

    whens the web app out

  • pisstaker

    theyll blame the delay on coin sellers.

  • Dom

    Lol true maybe they will blame the delay on champs leauge nyt

  • MT10

    could have been worse… at least its champions league night 😀

    • Oh YEAH LFC

      What about tomorrow though, i’m sure the app still wont be up!

      • Elliotth12

        Europa legue tomorrow…..

  • Josh101

    I had the idea that Fifa or soccer games in general were popular. But I didn’t think there would this many articles about it. There seems to be at least one article every other day.

    • Rup3rT97™


  • wak

    wake me up when September ends!

  • DementedJojo

    They had 1 task and they failed! As always..

  • Dave

    well umm cheers ea. First ruhmored at 2, then 6 but dont worry its EA their PERFECT

  • Dominic Lunt

    I hav ps4 in it to mick had to wait till the nxt day to download the demo

  • Dominic Lunt

    Bayern 0 city 0 any thoughts on that while we wait lol

    • wee jackk 23

      Screw City

      • Dom

        Lol am stoke fan a just follow the English clubs in champs leauge

  • Dominic Lunt

    A logged into my app on iPod in it takes me to the apple store so maybe it’s close after all still dont get hopes up ea is a massive let down

  • Jake

    football club for me is still not working, same problem for you guys?

    • Dominic

      What u mean by football club ??

    • JTS RaPidZ

      im confused.. is the web app out today or bloody not?

      • Dominic

        Surposed to be ya there was a offical date givin out for 17th but never give a time there must off bin a problem with the app going online

  • Dominic Lunt

    EA ( FIFA ) always drag these things out way to much it’s shamefull they can’t give us a time to go with the date & a bet it’s going to have a bag full off faults so a wouldn’t get ya hopes up guys

  • Anonymous

    Ik right ea are teasing us

  • bob

    this is crazy

  • Nick Gray

    last word from ea was 10pm gmt

  • juni

    this is a fuckery ea are playing us all it will be released at 12 my guess

  • phillip

    fk you ea fk you !!! EVERY 10 seconds i try to Play on the web app and it didn´t work again and again so release the fk

  • dodgepoo

    they said they will release it today at 6pm for uk but its 2 hours and 10 minute after that time

    • swaggy dodgepoo

      i concur

  • Chris

    typical ea DELAY DELAY DELAY, you cant spell delay with out a EA

  • swag

    can u plz release the god damn web app

  • Roy

    Come on EA stop teasing us, give us a window at least. Personally, I betting it’s coming today and that’s why they’ve stepped up the tweets saying they will announce it live soon.