FIFA 15 Web app delay starts viral trend

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2014

The wait for the FIFA 15 Web app release date is starting to get unbearable to many FIFA fanatics. This addiction has been taken to a whole new level though, as we actually spotted a trending topic on Twitter specifically due to EA’s delay on the FIFA 15 Web app update.

The Web app is a huge deal if you needed a further reminder. It will allow FIFA 15 buyers to access Ultimate Team, without needing to be connected to their consoles.

All you need is an internet connection and a browser and you’ll be able to access all of your important FIFA 15 Ultimate Team needs, from opening packs to buying and selling players on the go.

The big problem though is that EA said it would be arriving this week and it’s still not available. As a result, we can see that social media users have created the topic of “#thingsmorelikelytocomeoutthanthewebapp”, with some hilarious results as you can imagine.


We’ve captured the moment when this topic was spreading like wildfire on Twitter, although some of the responses are of a more fruitful nature which we can’t include here.

If EA wanted to scope just how badly they need to release the FIFA 15 Web App, they should jump onto Twitter and check out this ongoing trend.

Did you participate in this on Twitter? If you are also waiting for the FIFA 15 Web App to launch, let us know what the first task will be for you personally once it is live.

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