FIFA 14 Ultimate Team servers down today

By Alan Ng - Sep 17, 2014

We have a quick heads-up to bring all FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players now, direct from EA. We can confirm that the FIFA 14 FUT servers are down today and will remain offline for 6 hours, all in the aid of FIFA 15 preparation.

It’s obviously not ideal for those that were planning to play today, but EA obviously sees it as essential maintenance before FIFA 15 launches next week.

Right now, you may still be able to play if you are logged in but within the next hour FIFA 14 FUT will not be working on September 17 for a full 6 hours.

Just to clarify that’s 12am Pacific Time, 3am Eastern Time and 8am for players in the UK. Expect the FIFA 14 FUT servers to be back up at 2pm on Wednesday afternoon.

If you were hoping to win the latest FIFA 14 team of the week cards, you’ll have to open your packs in 6 hours time. Let us know if this maintenance affects you and if your game has already gone down in your area.

Are you definitely going to be buying FIFA 15 on day one?

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  • Deniz

    This is shame…what’s going on with this maintenance so often..totally disappointed..I will not buy fifa 15 and even thinking of cancelling all fut services is so annoying

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  • Joshua Shaw Sr.

    FUT14 servers are still down and it is 21:18 in Arizona. All other features are still online.