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2014 Mac mini with Samsung SD590C curved monitor harmony

It is our hope that if and when Apple unveil the 2014 Mac mini it will be more geared towards immersive gaming, and while this will be done with various new hardware options, such as better graphics and a more powerful processor, you cannot forget about the monitor.

If you have a spare $1,000, then you could opt for the for the Apple Thunderbolt Display and while this offers a decent experience, it will not be immersive enough for gamers. However, the new Samsung S27D590C Full HD curved monitor is because it will draw you into the action.

Samsung SD590C curved monitor harmony

Samsung has a point when they say that a curved display is far more better when it comes to immersive gaming, as your eyes are always looking at the point of interest because everything is the same distant from each other, unlike a flat screen where the edges are further away from the center.

It has been claimed that this new curved Samsung display will offer a similar effect as you get with 3D, although we have heard such claims from Samsung in the past with its curved TV range, and personal experience tells us this is not in fact true.

We currently have now idea as to its release date or price, but SlashGear informs us that it will go on sale later next month.



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