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Virgin Student broadband popular in Sept

Now that we are well into a new term some students may have forgot about one essential service, and that is broadband. We have seen several commercials on TV showing you a group of young adults sharing a flat with great broadband, while we presume they are at uni together.

Not one to miss out on the action, Virgin Student broadband looks set to become popular in Sept because instead of signing up to a long 18-month or two-year contract, Virgin Media has one for just 9 months.

There are so many choices for you, such as choosing broadband on its own, or going for a value bundle, giving you a home phone and TV as well. However, we have to remember that the Virgin Media option will not be as popular as the likes of BT or Sky because Virgin is not widely available in the UK.

Virgin Student broadband

It is a shame really because Virgin broadband would be the perfect choice for students because of the short contract and price, as the cost of the packages are often far cheaper than rival services. You only have to look at the package chart above to see just what we mean.

There are three options for you, the first will cost £26.50 per month and offers 50mb broadband, next will cost you £31.50 per month with 100mb broadband, and finally £39.00 each month will give you 152mb speeds.

Like we said, there are other packages, such as broadband and phone, broadband and TV, broadband, phone and TV or TV only, details of which can be found on the Virgin Media website.



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