Popcorn Time iPhone and iPad release update

By Peter Chubb - Sep 16, 2014

We have an update for you on the release date for the Popcorn Time iPhone and iPad app, as we have just learned that the moment developers get the certificate for non jailbroken iOS devices, then users will be able to install the app.

It is unknown as to how long it will be before the certificate is granted and people will be able to install the Popcorn Time app on their iPhone and iPad devices, but at least it is a good sign. Some people may have moved on to another service seeing as though it has taken this long to get to this stage.

Popcorn Time for iPhone

While we would like to keep positive about the tweet from the developers of Popcorn time, which you can see for yourself below, we can’t help be a little skeptical.

We say this because we have a hard time thinking the app will be able to get past the App Store review process. You only have to look at Cartoon HD to know just what we are talking about, although it did get past initially, but was shortly taken down afterwards.

Having said that, the developers seem rather positive because they said after Popcorn Time beta 4.4 for Mac, iOS would be the next step, and this tweet certainly proves that.

Do you think Popcorn Time will be able to get past the App Store review process?

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