Polaroid Instagram camera review highlights shortcomings

By Peter Chubb - Sep 16, 2014

The Polaroid Socialmatic (Instagram) camera has sadly had its release pushed back to 2015, which is a shame, as we first assumed it would be released in time for the holiday season. Having said that, based on a recent review of the new Polaroid Socialmatic camera, we cannot be certain if its success will be long-lived, as it seems to be more of a gimmick.

We all know the story behind Polaroid’s latest effort, but it would seem that the company is getting desperate to have a hit, but then again, the Socialmatic does have one feature going for it that rival devices such as the Lumix CM1 and Lumia 1020 do not, and that is the ability to print thanks to its built-in printer.

Polaroid Instagram camera review

The Polaroid Socialmatic camera review has been done by Engadget and right from the start they are miffed at how such a design got past the powers that be. However, they are pleased to see such companies taking risks, even if they are a bit over the top.

While Engadget do find several positive aspects of this new camera, the negatives more than outweighs them. Take the frame, it is made from plastic and seems as though a smartphone has been chucked in at the last minute. Head over to the source to get a greater insight into what they thought about Polaroid’s upcoming camera.

Do you think Polaroid is on to a winner with its Instagram style camera, and is its delay a sign that things are not going as well as planned?

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  • Kait

    I recently got my social matic, and yes it’s big but so is the iphone 6 plus – people manage. It was disappointing to see the release date pushed back but it happens all the time simply for delayed gratification and to release a more perfected product. The beauty of the Social-Matic is that it keeps their vintage appearance and printing capabilities while keeping up with the latest trends allowing you to share your photos through android apps.