New 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom interior screams BMW

Even though the second generation Rolls Royce Phantom is not due out until 2017, we know how long the process is on designing the luxury vehicle and getting it ready for market. In that time there will be many vehicles being tested on the roads, and the latest one spotted gives us an idea as to the new Rolls Royce Phantom interior.

There is only the one image of the interior of the new Phantom, and most of that has been covered up. However, from the small parts that are uncovered, Autocar believes that there is a little bit of the upcoming BMW 7-series used for inspiration, although there are several elements that are bespoke to Rolls Royce, such as the air-vents on the center console.

New 2017 Rolls Royce Phantom interior

There is not much else we can tell you about the interior, although we do get a far better idea as to what is going on with the new Rolls Royce Phantom exterior, as there are far more many shots, all of which are not covered up.

You will notice that the wheel arches are flared and the headlights seem to come with a minor change. However, seeing as though this is a test mule there is a good chance that several things will change once the new luxury vehicles enter productions.

Rolls Royce has said that the front-grille and air intakes will also be very different to the current model, but apart from that we are pretty much in the dark.



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