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New 2014 iMac with 5K specs in Q4

While we may not ever get a Retina iMac there is still the possibility that a new 2014 iMac with 5K specs could be released, which would be the equivalent of Retina. With Dell already offering a 5K display, it seems logical that Apple would not wish to be left behind, and there seems to be some evidence to prove just that.

A new high-res iMac and display is expected to be released by the end of this year, and as such is expected to begin a new wave of Ultra HD monitors, well that’s according to DigiTimes.

The Taiwanese publication does have a poor history with getting things right, but there have been rumors of a 27-inch iMac with Retina-like display for a while now, and with the likes of Dell already offering 5K monitors, surely Apple will wish to offer that sort of upgrade to its iMac range?

New 2014 iMac with Retina

2014 iMac with 5K will not be cheap, as the average price of just a 28-inch Ultra HD monitor is around $630, so just think how much extra it would be for an all-in-one system, along with the premium you pay for an Apple product.

There is the possibility that Apple will not improve the display on the iMac, but rather release a 5K monitor to be used with the flagship Mac Pro, or even a new 2014 Mac Mini later this year. It’s been a while since Apple released a new stand-alone monitor, so either they have decided it is a lost cause, or have been working on something special?



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